My New Glasses & How to Buy Glasses Online


You guys I got new glasses!

This is a big deal since I have had the same pair of glasses for about 5 years. I had actually gotten an eye exam 2 years ago but never got new glasses. They wrote down the prescription for me but then I stalled. I actually wanted to try Warby Parker but I kept pushing it further and further down the to do list as ‘important’ things always became priority. What, weren’t my eyes priority? My eye sight should be important to me! But sadly, I then just lost the prescription and forgot all about getting new eye glasses.


That is until the nice folks at reached out to me to see if I’d like to try their service… umm sure! So that kicked my butt into gear and I got an eye exam (Price did too!) and then I was all set to get a spiffy new pair of glasses. I said spiffy. I’m lame.

Firmoo has a great feature where you can upload your own picture to virtually ‘try on’ glasses to make the online shopping experience easier. I honestly should have tried that but I’m still old school about some things so I took a different approach.


When I was waiting for Price as he was getting his eye exam, I tried on glasses at the optometrist’s office. The woman there was soo friendly and helpful. In fact I learned A LOT from that process that will help me shop for glasses until the end of time.

Have you ever looked the writing on a pair of glasses? Have you ever wondered what it all meant? I’ll fill you in…


Some of the numbers has to do with the brand’s model number and color, but the important numbers were the ones that told me about the size of the glasses. The first number relates to the width of the lens and the second number relates to the measurement across the bridge of the glasses. The ‘height’ of the lenses is not written on the frames, but I was told that information could be provided just by them looking it up or measuring it. I did check my older pairs of glasses and they don’t include the temple length, but Firmoo does on their frames.

While I was trying on glasses we discovered that the glasses that looked the best on me had a Lens Width value of 49-51mm and the Bridge Distance of 17-19mm. That helped me select the glasses as I knew the proportions that would fit my face well. Firmoo has different categories to help search for glasses, such as Frame Shape, Material, and Frame Size.


So I ultimately picked out my glasses based upon the look I was interested in and the sizing that would proportionally fit my face well. I selected the #F042 in Color C1, which is black,  ($36.00) and went on to order them on Firmoo site with the information that my optometrist provided me.


I was getting a prescription…


for single vision.

If you don’t know how to read a prescription then they have tools to help you as well.


Then I just needed to enter in my prescription. So simple! BUT it is SOOOO important to enter in the correct format: – OR +. I triple checked it.

But now I don’t have to worry about messing up in the future as I can pull up this prescription later on. (I put my name with the date in which my prescription expires to help my out in the future.)

Okay, so I’m super blind. That makes the lenses really thick, so I can’t use the standard 1.5 thickness. They suggested using their Ultra Thin lens ($62.95), but I knew the frames where pretty thick so I wouldn’t have to worry about a lot of lens being visible from the sides of the frame. I debating doing with the Ultra Thin but just took the risk of using their Thin and Light lens ($9.95).


As my glasses were just being used ‘daily’ use I didn’t want them tinted, like for sunglasses. I could have gotten photochromic but I have never tried them before and I didn’t want to do that without first trying them out. So I just skipped this part…


Anti- scratch is included and then I added on Anti-Reflective/Anti-Raditation and UV Coating to my lenses because I wanted to have the added benefits of each feature. (FYI- At the time I was ordering they had a sale on the Anti-Reflective/Anti-Raditation feature.)


Time to review it all!

The best part at this point was seeing the ‘grand total’. The cost of the glasses was very affordable. If I had gone with the suggested lenses it would have been an additional $53, which still wouldn’t not have been bad.


Then select your shipping method and pay! I did standard shipping and the glasses arrived in the anticipated time frame, in fact, closer to 6 days than 10 days.

See that was super easy so don’t be afraid (like I once was) to order glasses on-line.


I was so excited to get my new glasses from Firmoo!!! They didn’t disappoint at all. They came with a case, cleaning wipe, and a mini screw driver key chain, which is really helpful since you really never know when our glasses might need adjusting one day. The glasses fit perfectly from the start, no adjsuting needed, and look great, even with my Thin and Light lenses. 🙂

This process was so easy and in the end I have great looking, quality made, affordable glasses. I can definitely see myself ordering another pair from Firmoo.


And here is the best news yet!!!

Firmoo is celebrating their 5th anniversary this very week so they are giving a 40% off discount to your glasses order if you order by Septermber 10th. WOOHOO!!!

Just be sure to use this awesome code: FIRMOO5Y

Have fun guys!


While Firmoo provided me with my new pair glasses in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own.


5 thoughts on “My New Glasses & How to Buy Glasses Online

  1. Paige Smith says:

    I have always gone to the eye doctor to try on my new glasses frames. This can take up to a couple hours longer than I wish to spend at the optometrist’s office. Then I have to drive all the way back to the office once they come in. Ordering glasses online make it so much simpler to try on glasses and then have them delivered when they are done.

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