Camping with the best in hand- a WÜSTHOF Travelers Set Review

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Price and I love to go camping. Or “glamping” as you have it.

Camping to us is about getting to disconnect our phones and enjoy the change of pace by being away from the house with the constant distractions from the TV, computer, phones, and never ending laundry. We love to check out different New England campgrounds to see what each offer and what we can do at each one. Sometimes the weekend is focused on a hike, or it’s just focused on sitting back in some chairs around a camp fire and reading. One thing remains the same is that we always pride ourselves in packing well and efficiently. Sure, we bring a lot but everything we have acquired over the years of our camping has been carefully selected. Our latest addition to our camping gear is a WÜSTHOF 7- Piece Travel Set.

The traveler set comes with a pair of kitchen shears, a waiters corkscrew, a knife sharpener, and 3 knifes in a traveling case. The kit includes a paring knife, serrated knife, and a chefs knife, which are essentials for preparing a meal, in your kitchen or out at the campsite. There are 2 price points for the kit, which are reflective of the finish of accessories in the case. There is a WÜSTHOF Gourmet 7 Piece Travelers Knife Set and a . The Gourmet set is made of High-carbon stainless steel and polypropylene, while the Classic is made of High-carbon stainless steel and a polymer (POM). Both product lines are made of quality materials that are well made, strong, and easy to clean by hand washing.

We brought the WÜSTHOF Gourmet 7 Piece Travelers Knife Set along with us this when we went camping this summer in Maine. It was such a life saver since everything was well contained, and had everything that we needed for just about every situation over the weekend.

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The WÜSTHOF kitchen shears are so sharp! Everything was cut cleanly and quickly as we glided the shears right through packaging for our new dog leader, our new tent, and for cutting some rope that we hung up between some trees to help dry off the towels we used when Kemper did some swimming. Besides being great quality, my favorite thing about them is that they come apart. They won’t just suddenly fall apart in your hands as you need to get to the correct angle to pop them apart. By separating each blade, you can do a great job of cleaning them. Taking care to clean them is very important when you are doing something messy, like breaking down a fish or even just cutting some herbs.

When we were packing up we had realized that we had accidentally left Kemper’s leader that we stake into the ground back in New York when we were there over the 4th of July. We stopped to pick one up on our way to the campgrounds. Both the leader and the stake are very well packaged, for theft and safety (hello big sharp metal corkscrew stake). We quickly got through both packages with the kitchen shears.

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And what is camping with out booze?!?!?!

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Yes, you need to allot a gallon of water per person per day but you gotta have some cold beers to help stay off the summer heat as well. Having a bottle of wine doesn’t hurt either.

While there is a bottle opener built into part of the scissors, I find that this bottle opening is great for quickly popping off the tops to beers. As well, this has the corkscrew needed for that wine you are going to enjoy with your sausages that you grill over your campfire!

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And what’s a Corona without some lime?!? The WÜSTHOF paring knife was perfect for cutting out thin wedges that we then slipped into the neck of the bottle. Just like the scissors, the paring knife was extremely sharp so cutting up the lime, and other fruit that we brought for Autumn to snack on, was very easy.

All of the knives were brand new so we didn’t need the knife sharpener but having it as part of the travel set is really handy. You might never know when you’ll need to sharpen the scissors or knives from wear.

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FYI- The cutting board we used was is not including in this kit, but it’s from another camping mess kit we have.

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And you can’t have a beer without a snack!

We always bring a lot some cheese and crackers with us when we go camping. It makes for  a quick snack that is easy to prepare (none) and is tasty (very!). We used the kitchen shears again to open up the packaging and then…

Wusthof Travel Set Review-8

Ah, the serrated knife in action! This knife was great for cutting thin slices of cheese that we enjoyed with out crackers for an afternoon snack.

The only knife we did not use while camping was the chefs knife, but I did test that once we were back at home and it put all my well loved knives to shame. Price and I already have a plan to register for a BIG set of Wusthof knives when we get married. A bliss!

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We quickly got set up at our campsite we enjoyed some swimming and naps (well the baby did!), and then before we knew it was time for lunch! We brought hot dogs along with us, which had to be opened and sliced in half, for better charring, of course!

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WÜSTHOF is a family run company, that was founded in 1814 in Solingen, Germany. They have always been creators and makers of exceptional quality and long-lasting products. Their logo emphasizes their brand mission as the trident symbolises their three values: Passion – Diligence – Perfection.  They run and manufacture their products with those guiding principals in mind.

Their products are long lasting without leaving a lasting impact on the enviroment, which has been an important mission from them for a long time. They have a very modern facility which guarantees environmentally-friendly production processes. They continue to focus on increasing the efficiency of energy and raw materials, how to preserve resources, reduce wastewater contamination, and reduce emissions of CO² and other gases. The air and water that is used and ultimately levaves the leaves the plant completely uncontaminated thanks to an extensive filter system. But that is just a start for them as they are currently concentrating on recovering heat from the production process and reducing noise emissions.

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This WÜSTHOF 7- piece Travel Set is not just for camping! It is a smart choice to have with you when you got boating, RVing, picnicking, tailgating, or even just backyard grilling as you can just grab the kit and you are ready to go.

I sincerely mean it when I say that this would make for a wonderful addition for people with a fun, active life. And it would make for a great gift as well. Be sure to keep that in mind when shopping for birthdays, Father’s Day, and Christmas!!


While I recieved this WÜSTHOF Gourmet 7 Piece Travelers Knife Set for review, all opinions are honest and my own.


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