Apple Picking at Applecrest Farm- Hampton Falls, NH

Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-1

I’ve been looking forward to going apple picking for a while. It’s one of my favorite fall things to do. The leaves underfoot are crunchy and colorful, I love the smell in the air, and snagging an apple off the tree is one of the best things ever. Of course, after hot Apple cider donuts.

Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-8 Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-2

This year Price, Autumn, and I headed up to Hampton Falls in New Hampeshire to meet his sister and mom to go apple picking. We picked Applecrest Farm Orchards because it was local to his sister’s house and it had great reviews.

The 101 year old Applecrest has acres and acres of Pick-Your-Own apple and peach trees, raspberry bushes, and pumpkins. As well, fields of produce ranging from tomatoes to onions, brussel sprouts to green beans, and squash to lettuces that they sell in their on site store and CSA.

Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-3

Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-4

Autumn was quite smitten with the big pumpkins.

Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-5 Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-6

We milled around the Farm Market for a bit before meeting Catherine and Elaine to go apple picking. The overflowing bins of fresh produce were so enticing but we held our horses and decided to get it later so it wouldn’t just be sitting in the hot car on the bizzarely warm fall day.

It did feel super weird to go apple picking in shorts and a tank top!!

Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-7

I mean, these caulifowers… come on! So cool!!

Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-13

To get to the orchards where you are able to pick apples you have to take a short ride on a tractor pulled trolley/train system. The ride was great because you are able to view all the different fields where they grow their produce that they sell.

We were greeted by super friendly staff that went over the rules of apple picking (no damaging trees, no climbing on trees, etc) and how to pick (twist, twist, pull!).

It is there where you are provided with a peck or a 1/2 bussel bag that you use for the apples. Since we were dividing this up among the 3 of us we went with a 1/2 bushel for $30. Thankfully, they accept cash and debit cards there.

Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-14

Yep, she bit right into an apple as it hung on the tree.

I held her up so everyone could take a picture of her reaching and grabbing an apple, but she took it a step further and pulled it right down to her mouth. Ha! She loves apples so it was so surprise but so dang cute.

Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-16 Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-17

I think Autumn did a great job apple picking her 1 apple. She ate it for the rest of the time that we were there in the orchard and even on the train ride back to the main farm.

Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-15

Oh damn, I love her so much.

Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-18 Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-19

Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-11

Price dropped the apples off at the car and then we did some shopping at the Farm Market to get some produce. We picked up some purple cauliflower, carrots (with tops that we fed to Bunny!!!!!!), 3 types of squash, bussel sprouts, and a few tother things. And of course, a gallon of fresh pressed cider. All for less than $30. Not too bad!!!

Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-10 Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-9

Applecrest is currently under construction as they are building a restuarant, which I can’t wait to visit. I image they would serve produce from their farm and local meats and seafood from the same sellers that they sell in their Farm Market. OMG, I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-22

The only really bummer about Applecrest is that the apple cider donuts are sold in a seperate shop from the main farm that only takes cash. As someone who doesn’t carry cash ever (really, really) I was heartbroken that I couldn’t get an inapporiate amount of donuts to binge on. Thankfully, Price’s mom, Elaine, had some cash so we did get donuts but that cash only situtaion was a killer for me.

They offer their donuts in 3 versions: plain, sugar, and cinnamon and sugar coated. Obvioiusly, you skip the plain. We got the cinnamon and sugar coated donuts which were mesy and delightful.

Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-20 Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-21

Considering that we hadn’t yet had lunch we passed up enjoying local ice cream from the creamery, but we did check out the flavors, which all sounds amazing. They had a apple cider donut sundae… be still my heart. Plus, they make their own waffle cones. I tell you, that smell is intoxicating.

Catherine did get a lemonade and Price got an Arnold Palmer. I skipped stealing a sip from Price since I think lemonade is ew.

Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-12

It was such a wonderful time. I am going to enjoy making a pie tonight and some some crisps and breads this week from the apples we picked. I can’t wait!

Applecrest Farm Apple Picking-23

And these babies were across the road from the parking lot. Beauties.


Applecrest Farm Orchards

133 Exeter Road (Rt.88)

Hampton Falls, NH 03844


Hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Farm Market is Open Daily, May through December.


2 thoughts on “Apple Picking at Applecrest Farm- Hampton Falls, NH

  1. mommyintraining says:

    That looks like so much fun! We go apple picking every year here in Georgia. I love it! I absolutely love the picture of her biting the apple!! That was so adorable! I can’t wait to bring my daughter. We will be going in two weeks!


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