The Most Spectacular Christmas of 2014

 Christmas 2014-14

Oh man, I loved Christmas this year. It was THE BEST.

Christmas 2014-1 Christmas 2014-2

Truthfully, looking back at it, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about last Christmas. Sure, it was Autumn’s first Christmas and that’s exciting but I was still in that new baby fog. The fog that means you live in your pajamas and your showers are limited. Christmas just felt so built up for nothing then. But this year was awesome. We all loved every bit of it

Christmas 2014-4

Christmas 2014-5

Hey guys, I’m ready!!

Christmas 2014-3 Christmas 2014-18

I got to open the first gift! Price gave me an oven thermometer as I do so much cooking and baking. Having an accurate oven temperature is vital! As I was making my version of The Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls, I just needed to open it to use asap!

Of course the cinnamon rolls were awesome. We enjoyed them throughout the day. As well as our neighbor and her visiting family, and Autumn’s daycare providers as I called them up and asked them if they wanted some. Gotta share when the recipe makes 48 cinnamon rolls!

Christmas 2014-6

We got Autumn the My First Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn Kids so she can have her own special seat. She loved it. But, of course, instead of sitting on it nicely, she would sit on the armrests and I’d have a heart attack that she would fall backwards. And, if that wasn’t enough, she would push it to the sofa and use it to climb on there. Quick learner!

Christmas 2014-7

Christmas 2014-8 Christmas 2014-9

For this being the first Christmas as an active participant, she did really well with opening up the presents and checking all the new goodies out. She got this adorable peek-a-boo bear from my aunt!

The Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker that Price picked out was a big hit too. She quickly started to scoot it around the house with a massive smile on her face.

Christmas 2014-10

A Banana Republic wallet, some Cards Against Humanity add-on packs, Nike Hyperwarm shirt, and a new coat shell makes for a happy Pricer.

Christmas 2014-12 Christmas 2014-13

Plus, Kemper got some Christmas goodies. A new bed and some toys- that helped keep him distracted from ripping all the gift wrap into itty bitty shreds around our living room and kitchen.

Christmas 2014-11

  Christmas 2014-15 Christmas 2014-16

She was so helpful with my presents as well. I was a very lucky girl and got not one, but two(!) Kate Spade wallets to replace the one that Kemper ate. Price wanted to make sure I had some options to match my different bags. ha! Plus, a coat (that I received earlier that month) and a mani pedi certificate. Spoiled. xo

Christmas 2014-17

Ah, one day I’ll get to give her some real pigtails. Also, I happened to put this on backwards. ha! She looks like a cabbage patch doll wearing it. Totes adorable.

After the gift exchange we went along with our typical weekend day with a morning nap, bottle, lunch, nap, etc. The weather was awesome so I took Kemper out for a walk with Autumn in baby hiking backpack.

Christmas 2014-19

Autumn had her first candy cane as well.

There might have been a back-arching breath-holding meltdown when I confiscated it when she was a sticky mess. ooph!

Christmas 2014-20

This Christmas was awesome and I know that next year will be even better as Autumn begins to understand it more and more. I’m already looking forward to next year.


Hope you enjoyed your Christmas as well!

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2 thoughts on “The Most Spectacular Christmas of 2014

  1. mom says:

    This is awesome!!! I am so glad u had an awesome Christmas. I love the photos
    I can’t believe how Autumn was so into it.
    She is beautiful !!! You guys are a great family


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