Monday Munchies: Mazzaro’s Italian Market- St. Petersburg, FL

As part of my Monday Munchies series, I will feature a different eatery for a review on the third Monday of every month. Hope you enjoy!


Mazzaros Florida-23

When we were in Florida last month to go on our cruise we stayed with my Dad near Tampa. Prior to arriving my Dad kept telling me Mazzaro’s Italian Market in St. Petersburg and how he wanted to take us there for lunch.

Mazzaros Florida-1


I’m not about to resist good Italian food when given the opportunity so we went there after we drove around Tampa checking out the city. Sitting in a car for a few hours looking at palm trees, Ybor City, and beautiful blue sky works up an appetite. ha!

Mazzaros Florida-2 Mazzaros Florida-3

Mazzaros Florida-8 Mazzaros Florida-12

Aisles and aisles of the market are stocked full of imported tomato products, tomato sauces, crackers, desserts, and olive oils. There was a whole aisle of just olive oils. All areas of Italy is represented in the market.

Mazzaros Florida-5

While we didn’t need much in the market we browsed around checking out everything that they sold. Plus, the samples in the cheese room didn’t hurt.

Mazzaros Florida-6 Mazzaros Florida-7

The main reason we went was to get lunch we headed over to the deli counter to place our orders. I was blown away at the selection and the prices. The combination of meats. cheeses, and veggies on fresh sub rolls seemed endless, while the price was very affordable, ranging in price from $5.50 to $6.99. We all checked out the large menu overhead and placed our orders for subs.

I would suggest that if you are going for lunch that you stop by the deli counter first so you make the most of your time there as you can go shopping while they make your order.

Mazzaros Florida-11

Mazzaros Florida-9 Mazzaros Florida-10

The cases of pastries and gelato are packed full of brownies, cream pulls, mini pies, cookies, cupcakes, tiramisu, and other Italian favorites.

 Mazzaros Florida-14

My dad ordered the #10, the Meatball sub with sauce and provolone cheese. It was jammed pack full of large meatballs

Mazzaros Florida-16

Mazzaros Florida-13 Mazzaros Florida-15

There is a sitting area in the market but there also a covered outdoor area.

As you head out to the sitting area outside you are to leave your cart to the side with an attendant (I found this kinda confusing from a bit a lack in communication) and then you pay for the food you are going to eat at a register before you pick a table. The reason they do this is so that you can keep shopping after eating and because the grocery items are taxed differently than the deli items.

Mazzaros Florida-17

Price ordered the Spicy Sausage Peppers, Onions, and Provolone (#9). Which at $5.50 was very affordable as it was full of spicy sausage, melted cheese, and hot tender vegetables.

Mazzaros Florida-21 Mazzaros Florida-22

Mazzaros Florida-18

I ate this whole sandwich and I’m not even ashamed about it. Okay, maybe a little but it was so good that I just buckled down and unhinged my jaw to take it all in. Just kidding!!

When I saw everything that was in the Hot Italian (#20) I knew it was the perfect match for me. It was stuffed full of ham, salami, pepperoni, shredded Romaine lettuce, tomato, Provolone cheese, banana peppers, and Italian dressing. It was all toasted so the meat was warm and the cheese was melted. The crunch of the fresh bread when you took a bit just made it even better. Plus it was also just $5.50!

Mazzaros Florida-19 Mazzaros Florida-20

Autumn really enjoyed watching cheese ravioli get made. The woman working has a nice even rhythm to it that was efficient and strangely calming. If we didn’t already had plans that night for dinner we would have picked some up to try. I swear it just means we need to get back there so we can try all their fresh made pastas that include angel hair, fettuccini, linguini, ravioli (meat, spinach and ricotta, or cheese), and manicotti.

Mazzaros Florida-4

The parking can be tricky at lunch time but I swear it is worth the effort in weaving around to get a spot. The market’s imported selections are unparalleled in the area and the food made on site is spectacular.

Mazzaro’s Italian Market

909 22nd Avenue N

St Petersburg, FL 33713

(727) 321-2400


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