Whole30: Days 19-21 Recap

I am documenting my Whole 30 journey to help me see how far I’ve come and to keep me inspired through the whole process. I’m looking forward to the transformation in how I approach food, cook with it, and enjoy it. Read why taking on this challenging dietary adventure is so important to me HERE.


{Day 19}

Friday, February 20th

Survived another work week! Another pod breakfast day. So many bagels, breakfast burritos, and pastries all around. ALL AROUND!!! But I made it through the minefield and didn’t stray over to grab a delicious Boloco breakfast burrito. (SIGH/YAY!). The day was good, except for Autumn getting sick & having to be picked up from daycare, but it was a good food day.


150301_Whole30 19-21_01

Chia breakfast pudding with banana & (1/2), blueberries, and chopped pecans

I really should I made chia pudding more often because it was a nice refresher from eggs, eggs, and more eggs for breakfast.


150301_Whole30 19-21_02 150301_Whole30 19-21_03

Crustless quiche made with sauteed kale, onion and mushrooms; pistachios

Not my favorite quiche, but it worked for lunch. I had to run home to get Autumn from daycare because her cold hit hard during the day, so I inhaled this. Not ideal but at least I got to eat it hot instead of not having lunch. So we spend the afternoon cuddling, and she slept in the Baby K’Tan for about 2 hours.

I freaking love pistachios now. I mean, I always loved pistachios, but have purchased them 2x now while on Whole30. They are so good, and what I really like about it is the process of eating them. At least I don’t shovel them into my mouth like goldfish crackers or another snack.


150301_Whole30 19-21_04

Sauteed fish over salad (romaine, celery, avocado, grape tomatoes) with a lemony tahini dressing

Price was out for poker so I made myself this dinner. It was quick, which was good with taking care of sicky Autumn, filling, and delicious. I ate it while sitting on the floor in the bathroom while Autumn took her bath. ha!

Side note- I made Price food to take to poker so he would have dinner there. Everyone else ate pizza but I made him pork cutlets, roasted veggies and sauteed kale. And he took a San  Pellegrino with him too.

{Day 20}

Saturday, February 21st

It was a busy day cooking. I love days like that, but I did miss the baking element to it. I felt like I got a lot done, which was a good feeling. I prepped plenty of Whole30 meals by making the chicken soup, which will last us beyond this Whole30 adventure.


150301_Whole30 19-21_05

Homemade bacon, 2 over easy eggs, some pear

I’m of the feeling that you really need something to soak up all the delicious runny yolk goodness, which was missing from this breakfast. But it was still good as the bacon is killer. I can’t wait to get more pork belly to make more.


150301_Whole30 19-21_06

Homemade Chicken soup

It was really good but I did miss the rice that I normally have with chicken soup. I didn’t mind it without it but it just felt ‘light’ to me without rice or pastina.


150301_Whole30 19-21_07

Oven roasted fish with roasted fennel and tomatoes, squash

This was a perfect meal. Easy to prep, healthy, flavorful, and easy to clean up.

The squash was a bust since I had left it in the oven after I had turned it off so it was pretty dry. Blah.

{Day 21}

Sunday, February 22nd

Another day of cooking! I love weekend likes this. I had missed the baking the day before so I made muffins witht Autumn. Sad to not have any as they looks and smelled so freaking good

We also watched the Daytona 500 and the Oscars. I missed having some beer and wine while watching them.


150301_Whole30 19-21_08

Potato hash, homemade bacon, over easy eggs

I learned my lesson from the day before and made a quick potato hash to help soak up that blissful runny yolk goodness. And the bacon was still on point. I was thinking about doing it with some coffee grounds next time.


150301_Whole30 19-21_09 150301_Whole30 19-21_10

Buffalo Chicken Tenders, 1 Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas taco

Ever since I made Pricer the Bufflao Wings from Against All Grain, he has been talking about them over and over again. So it was time to make them again so that he could enjoy them with watching Daytona. I made myself some tenders with chicken breast as I don’t like to eat wings.

I was making my post for Secret Recipe Club so I made 2 tacos using Boston bibb lettuce, some thinly sliced radishes, sliced grape tomatoes, guac, and cilantro. We each had one. So yummy!


150301_Whole30 19-21_11

Spaghetti squash with homemade meat sauce

I made the sauce to be similar to my Four Meat Italian Gravy, with the exception of the sausage and meatballs. I could have used a complaint sausage and made my own meatballs, but I was feeling ‘lazy’ since I was already making the chicken soup and pork carnitas over the weekend. Ether way it was still really good. I am 110% sure that I am going to put ribs in my sauce from now on. Dear short ribs, I love you.

We were talking about how we don’t miss pasta. Still miss some grated cheese on top, but don’t miss pasta. Sure, we will have it from time to time in the future, but don’t feel the need for it. Although, I could destroy a bowl of ravioli right now…


150301_Whole30 19-21_12

Chia pudding with some whipped coconut cream with berries

Still not a fan of whipped coconut cream. I think I’m missing the vanilla flavor. Maybe if I had a vanilla bean to scrape in I would like it more?


Everything has been going well. I am happy to have reached the 2/3 mark.

I’m feeling good which is good, especially since Autumn got hit badly with a cold on Friday. I ended up the with the sniffles over the weekend but not a cold, which is really good. So if that is a Whole30 thing, then yay!


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