Press Play: Wedding Songs

I’ll be posting some fun wedding planning progress stuff soon (hopefully!), but in the mean time, I have a request…

Leave me a comment with a song (or songs!) that you think our wedding playlist needs!!

We have our first dance song picked out. And our Father- Daughter song(s) picked out too. So I’m requesting something that once you hear playing makes you want to make a bee-line to the dance floor.

I’m curious as to what people suggest!!

Classics? 80’s? 90’s slow jams? New pop songs? Country? Pick your poison

In the mean time, enjoy this movie mash up to a song that has been added to our wedding playlist. I love it!

Off to Seattle for the weekend!! Woohoo!!



3 thoughts on “Press Play: Wedding Songs

  1. Ru says:

    Give me Hope Joanna
    Blurred Lines
    Brown Eyed Girl
    – these always gets me on the Dance floor.

    You’re my Everything – Michael Buble – a highlight from my wedding!

    Happy Planning!! We’re having fun reading your posts!

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