Whole30 #2: Days 4-6 Recap

I am documenting my second Whole 30 journey to help me see how far I’ve come from my first Whole30 (Feb 2015) to this one (April 2015). Plus, I don’t want to fall into any food ruts. Hopefully this will keep me inspired through the whole process. I’m looking forward to the transformation in how I approach food, cook with it, and enjoy it. Check out all my Whole30 related posts HERE from why I did my first Whole30, why I am doing this one, and food diaries. 


 {Day 4}

Saturday, April 4th, 2015

The weekends are hard for me. I don’t experience the time crunch that I do during the work week, necessarily, but I want to snack more. And I miss the big carb-y breakfasts. I want a waffle damn it!!!


Whole30 2 Days 4-6-1

2 Over-easy eggs over sweet potato hash

I wonder how long it will take for Price to bitch about sweet potatoes… ha! I gotta focus on changing things up for breakfast.

Update: First Sweet Potato comment: Day 9. ha!!


Whole30 2 Days 4-6-2

Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas over cauliflower rice, with tomatoes, pickled jalapenos, and guacamole

I whipped up a batch of cauliflower rice as it’s so easy to do, and it would be a great base to the pulled pork. Nice and filling.


Whole30 2 Days 4-6-3

Adiele’s Chicken and Apple Sausage with sauteed broccoli and kale sprouts

This was a 1 pot meal. Perfectly low maintenance and quick. I first cooked the veggies, then added the sausage. Price had 3 sausages and I had 2.

{Day 5}

Sunday, April 5th, 2015

Easter!! I wanted all the chocolate candies! Gimme all the Peeps and Cadbury eggs!!

It was such a great day with family. Plus, they were so sweet to make the effort to make compliant food. Awesome.

Craving: Buttery rich coffee cake with tons of cinnamony crumb on top. OMG couldn’t stop thinking on it.


Whole30 2 Days 4-6-4 Whole30 2 Days 4-6-5

Crudite with homemade ranch dip, hashbrowns, scramble eggs, buffalo chicken wings

I made the crudite with fresh and flash steamed veggies. I made the buffalo wings too- Price’s favorite! I jsut made a big batch of ranch dip and used it for both. So good. perfect nosh food. We also had eggs & hashbrowns that Catherine made for us. yum!!!


Whole30 2 Days 4-6-6

Bun-less hamburger with sweet potato oven fries. Burger served with lettuce, tomato, guac, mustard, homemade mayo, Frank’s Red Hot

This was such a good dinner to end the weekend. The burger was great as it had all the same ingredients I’d normally eat on a burger, just no bun! Plus, I made baked sweet potato fries.  They barely had any oil. I just lightly misted them with olive oil and baked them at 450 for 15 minutes.

Side note: I love hash but the fries were so good as I used less oil than I normally use to make hash. Plus, I ate much slower as I ate them individually, instead of inhaling them with a fork.

{Day 6}

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Glad we are 5 days in, 1/6th of the way through! I feel good with the progress. I like this challenge.

I have noticed that I am having trouble getting up in the morning. Not sure why it’s so difficult now when I’m getting more sleep than I was when I was nursing. Maybe it’s a deeper sleep so it’s hard to get out of it?


Whole30 2 Days 4-6-7


2 eggs over easy on a bed of sweet potato hash and asparagus, lots of Frank’s

I should have peeled the asparagus, it was still a little too woody for my preference. But it was a decent breakfast.

Almost lunch snack

Whole30 2 Days 4-6-8

100 calorie mini Lara Bar- Apple Pie

These are great to have on hand when I am starting to crash and I’ve done a loop around the office and have had some tea for a pick me up, to stay hydrated.


Whole30 2 Days 4-6-9

Salad made of mixed greens, tomatoes, asparagus, some hardboiled egg, with homemade ranch dressing, guac

I managed to eat some yolk of the hardboiled egg. Amazing. They are so gross to me but I wanted to try to get over it. Going forward I will still stick with the egg whites but at least I tried it.

I love this ranch dressing!!!!


Whole30 2 Days 4-6-10

Spiralized Turnip, Mushroom, and Tomato Risotto

This was really good. It called for 1 Cup of grated cheese in the recipe but I skipped it making it vegan and complaint. We both really enjoyed it. It would make this again, maybe add some sauteed kale too! (and def make it post Whole30 with cheese!!)


What are your favorite Whole30 recipes? Please share!

Are you considering doing Whole30? Give it a try!


2 thoughts on “Whole30 #2: Days 4-6 Recap

  1. missscrambledegg says:

    I know quite a few people who have done Whole30 and really enjoy the program. I generally eat pretty healthy, so I don’t know if I would try it. Those eggs with sweet potato hash look AMAZING though!!


    • iamahoneybee says:

      i say you should def try it. I thought I ate healthy but this was a big wake up call. Biggest issues- bagels. Dang so good but so bad. plus snacking. oh how i miss cheese and crackers.

      Good luck if you try it


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