Whole30 #2: Days 7-9 Recap

I am documenting my second Whole 30 journey to help me see how far I’ve come from my first Whole30 (Feb 2015) to this one (April 2015). Plus, I don’t want to fall into any food ruts. Hopefully this will keep me inspired through the whole process. I’m looking forward to the transformation in how I approach food, cook with it, and enjoy it. Check out all my Whole30 related posts HERE from why I did my first Whole30, why I am doing this one, and food diaries. 


{Day 7}

Tuesday, April 7th 2015

I got the change to work from home in the afternoon. I love that! I was able to make a fresh lunch. No leftovers for me! Man, leftovers get so boring. It was nice to have something ‘fancy’.


Whole30 2 Days 7-9-1

 Scrambled eggs with sweet potato has, guac

We don’t have scrambled eggs often. Hardly ever. I got an herb packet while I was in Seattle so I am going to have to use that next time as they were good.


Whole30 2 Days 7-9-2

Sauteed fish over salad with tomatoes, red onion, avocado, TJ’s verde salsa

I threw this together quickly once I got back from my final punchlist of a project. It felt like a celebratory lunch.


Whole30 2 Days 7-9-3

Chicken breast with baby zucchini over lightly dressed greens

Price really likes these baby zucchini, I should get bags and bags of these when I go shopping there. They are quick to prepare and taste so good. I like that they don’t get very watery like how ‘adult’ zucchini tend to get.

{Day 8}

Wednesday, April 8th 2015

Woohoo! 1 week through. Today was a rough day, not because of Whole30 exactly, but because I am a moron. Such a moron.


Whole30 2 Days 7-9-4 Whole30 2 Days 7-9-5

Spinach and Sweet Potato Crustless Quiche served with quacamole and salsa verde; venti cold brew with some cinnamon sprinkled on top

I made my quiche look like cake!!! It has quacamole frosting and a salsa finishing sauce. And I’ve lost my damn mind. It didn’t taste like cake. It didn’t trick me. It just made me more annoyed. I dunno. ha!

I grabbed this cold brew on the way into work. I was so excited that I had a moment to get a coffee and to try cold brew. I sprinkled some cinnamon on top. It was so good, but then…


Whole30 2 Days 7-9-6

Salad- mixed greens with 2 hardboiled egg whites, sweet potato hash, (leftover) chicken breast, 1/2 avocado, with homemade ranch

I was in need of this salad. I felt so off from the caffeine bomb from the cold brew. I would have preferred something like a burger and fries, like when you ‘soak up’ booze after a night of drinking, but my salad was my only real option.


Whole30 2 Days 7-9-7

I had a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE headache from my caffeine crash. I thought I was going to throw up on the bus ride home. I had a bunch of water and this bag and started to feel better. UGH.


Whole30 2 Days 7-9-8

Roasted Chicken with roasted green beans and grape tomatoes with a ‘special sauce’

I started to roast the chicken but then had to go to the gym so then it was Price’s job to take over. He finished it up and broke it down for our dinners and lunches coming up. It was really yummy.

I made a ‘special sauce’ with some homemade mayo, Franks Red Hot, and spices. So good!

Food Swap!

Whole30 2 Days 7-9-13

My friend Kellie is also doing Whole30 with us. She swapped (Puerto Rican) sofrito for mayo from me. I can’t wait to use it!


I went to the gym!! I was supposed to meet with a trainer after work to create a program but he was sink or something so I met with the assistant manager who was nice and showed me some arms stuff to do. Looking forward to meeting with a train to create a real program and doing it.

{Day 9}

Thursday, April 9th 2015

No coffee for me today after yesterday’s mishap. ugh!!


 Whole30 2 Days 7-9-9

Spinach and Sweet Potato Crustless Quiche served with quacamole

We didn’t like this quiche much. Maybe it was the sweet potato but not our favorite. Blah!


Whole30 2 Days 7-9-11 Whole30 2 Days 7-9-10

Clementine with chicken breast and string beans, homemade mayo

My lunch felt boring but it was really good. I feel like I take too big of a serving of chicken but if I don’t eat much then I don’t feel full. And I don’t think it’s a volume thing as a protein thing.

Clementines are da bomb…


Whole30 2 Days 7-9-12

Stir fry of shaved pork & baby bok choy on cauliflower rice 

I really like cauliflower rice now. I don’t miss regular rice. I do like sticky, tart sushi rice but regular rice- blah.

I need to get more coconut aminos. It was missing form this dish. I have to be better prepared next time!


What are your favorite Whole30 recipes? Please share!

Are you considering doing Whole30? Give it a try!


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