Whole30 #2: Day 25-27 Recap

 I am documenting my second Whole 30 journey to help me see how far I’ve come from my first Whole30 (Feb 2015) to this one (April 2015). Plus, I don’t want to fall into any food ruts. Hopefully this will keep me inspired through the whole process. I’m looking forward to the transformation in how I approach food, cook with it, and enjoy it. Check out all my Whole30 related posts HERE from why I did my first Whole30, why I am doing this one, and food diaries. 


{Day 25}

Saturday, April 25th, 2015

It was a really busy day so our normal eating was all thrown off. From timing to what we ate to amount. All over the place. But life is life and it’s busy and you just gotta make it work.


Whole30 #2 Days 25-27 Recap-1 Whole30 #2 Days 25-27 Recap-2

Black Coffee, Fresh Coconut

Autumn and I were running errands in the morning, mainly going to Haymarket so I grabbed a black coffee for me and a blueberry muffin for her. I miss muffins.

I grabbed the coconut while shopping at our next stop, Whole Foods. Really good. Autumn liked it too.


Whole30 #2 Days 25-27 Recap-3

Burger Salad topped off with avocado with Baked Sweet Potato Fries, served with homemade mayo

This was a late lunch as both Price and I were buys doing out own things running around for the day. We only met back up at home after his errands and our Boston Terrier Meet Up. My eyes were bigger than my stomach as I didn’t finish this, but it was damn good.


Fruit (no pic)

Basically skipped dinner from having a big lunch.

{Day 26}

Sunday, April 26th, 2015

Today was a bit better than the day before as there we ate lunch and dinner normally, lunch was just a little off. But I’m just happy with how much we  got done. Days that are really productive, even if really busy and stressful, feel good.


Whole30 #2 Days 25-27 Recap-4

Pulled pork with plantains 1 with over-easy egg

I burned some of the plantains, which was a bummer, but the ones I had were still good. I really like plantains. Def don’t make them enough. And pulled pork for breakfast was good too. Nice change up from the reg breakfast meats.


Whole30 #2 Days 25-27 Recap-5 Whole30 #2 Days 25-27 Recap-6

Banana and potato salad

Another day spent running around so another late lunch. This time it was less organized than the burger from the day before, but still good. I made the potato salad for my SRC post so it I was so excited to inhale some once I photographed it. ha!


Whole30 #2 Days 25-27 Recap-7

Roasted Chicken Breast with Garlicky Roasted Fennel and Onions and Green Beans

I picked up the air-chilled chicken breasts from Whole Foods because they were having a big stock up sale. I bought 3 big packages. I should have bought 10! Damn, air-chilled chicken is good.

Whole30 #2 Days 25-27 Recap-8 Whole30 #2 Days 25-27 Recap-9

I like making a nice Sunday dinner for all of us to sit down to. Plus, it gives me a chance to do some meal prep for the week as I can use leftovers for lunches and dinners.

{Day 27}

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Another new workweek begins. Just a few days to go.

It was a really good food day. Yummy food and smart eating. I do wish I didn’t snack so much this time around, but I can only learn from my bad snacking habits this time around.


Whole30 #2 Days 25-27 Recap-10

Veggie loaded Sweet Potato Hash with 2 over-easy eggs

Inspired by The Pioneer Woman’s potato hash that we just saw her make this weekend. I thought it sounded really good to add zucchini to it so I gave it a try. We both enjoyed it so I’ll be doing it again.

I’m over eggs.


Whole30 #2 Days 25-27 Recap-11

Salad with Chicken (leftovers) with Tessemae’s Cracked Pepper Dressing

When I was a Whole Foods I found Tessemae’s dressing and they even had a complaint one there too! There are a few complaint dressings and condiments so I was excited to get one. I didn’t find their ketchup, so I was bummed, but glad to get the yummy dressing. Loved to try something new.


Whole30 #2 Days 25-27 Recap-12 Whole30 #2 Days 25-27 Recap-13

Almonds (TJ’s packet) and Apple Pie Mini Larabar

I have snacked too much during this and Whole30. booooooo


Whole30 #2 Days 25-27 Recap-14

Steak with Potato Salad and Roasted Veggies (mix of leftovers and new zucchini)

What can I say, I just love steak. I do miss steak sauce but the seasoning (Goya’s Sazonador Total) is really flavorful so it doesn’t need it.


What are your favorite Whole30 recipes? Please share!

Are you considering doing Whole30? Give it a try!


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