5.22-25: Memorial Day Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

Price had the day off- got Autumn from daycare | worked late – left @ 10pm | home at 10.30 | Autumn sicky cuddles | bed


up at 5.30 | make breakfast tacos | shopping at Haymarket Stop & Shop | unload groceries, vegetable prep, make caramelized onions | watch The Kitchen | shopping at Costco, Old Navy | get food at Taco Bell | Autumn naps | eat lunch with margs | nap | take Kemper & Autumn on walk | Autumn has dinner, a bath, put her to bed | hot dog for dinner | make jam wedding favors (62 jars!) | Price works on screen  for door | watch Red Sox’s | bed

150526_weekend recap-1

150526_weekend recap-2 150526_weekend recap-3

150526_weekend recap-4 150526_weekend recap-5

150526_weekend recap-6

150526_weekend recap-7

150526_weekend recap-8


up early- 5.30 | make breakfast sandwiches | Autumn has her morning nap | play in the kiddie pool | grilled veggies and burgers for lunch | play in the pool | Autumn and I have long naps – 2 hrs!! | more play time outside | Autumn has dinner and then bath | take a long walk with Autumn & Kemper | Autumn goes to bed |

150526_weekend recap-9

150526_weekend recap-10

150526_weekend recap-11 150526_weekend recap-12

150526_weekend recap-13 150526_weekend recap-14

150526_weekend recap-15 150526_weekend recap-16

150526_weekend recap-17


Memorial Day

up at 5.15 | coffee and kitchen clean up | make buttermilk banana bread | sorting laundry while Price did dishes | breakfast sandwiches | get ready | meet Mark, Allie, Macari, & Michael | lunch @ Parish | Autumn took 2 1/2 hour nap | work on blog posts | give Autumn a bath | take long walk with Autumn & Kemper | Autumn has dinner  & goes to bed | dinner outside- burgers and grilled veggie  | food shopping | watched The Bachelorette | Price ironed tons and tons of stuff | bed

150526_weekend recap-18

150526_weekend recap-19

150526_weekend recap-20 150526_weekend recap-21

150526_weekend recap-22

150526_weekend recap-23 150526_weekend recap-24

150526_weekend recap-25 150526_weekend recap-26

150526_weekend recap-27


3 thoughts on “5.22-25: Memorial Day Weekend Recap

  1. mom says:

    Wow your weekends are jammed packed
    I lI’ve reading about all the things u do as a family. Kemper looks worn out 🙂


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