The Fall Sunglasses {& a Firmoo Sunglasses Giveaway}

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Sunnies aren’t just for summer!

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Just like how your everyday face lotion has SPF, your eyes should have protection every day. Don’t just think that sunglasses are for hot summer days. You need to protect your eyes during the winter when there is glare off the snow, on cool spring days, and brisk fall days as well.

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Why I am telling you this?!?!

Well, it’s really important!!! You need to treat your eyes with care, just like how you do with your skin.

Truthfully, I haven’t been the best example at proper eye care. I have had classes since 1st grade but since I wear them 24/7, I don’t think about switching them to sunglasses as often as I should. I tend to forget my sunglasses case in bag, at home, or in the car, so I don’t wear them when I run out to take the dog out or run an errand, but I am vowing to change that.

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For years my dad has a nevus in his right eye monitored. A nevus is a common, benign, pigmented growth in your eye, similar to a mole on your skin. While it’s rare, it unfortunately can become cancerous. In my dad’s case it became cancerous this past year. He was diagnosed this spring, right before my wedding, and in the beginning of September, he had surgery to treat it.

Specifically, he had Plaque Brachytherapy, aka Radiation Plaque Therapy, to treat his Choroidal Melanoma. While he stayed in a lead lined room in a hospital for a week he had something similar to a seed put behind his eye that contained radiation in it to treat the cancer. He even had a patch. ha! Thankfully his treatment was successful, but he is still experiencing pain and double vision, which prevents him from driving. All minor things in the grand scheme of things but cancer is cancer non the less!

My dad has worn sunglasses but he still developed this, just like people who wear sunscreen can develop skin cancer, but you should try your best to wear them to help prevent this, as well as other eye issues, like cataracts.

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I reached out to the great folks at Firmoo this summer to work with them again this year as a Brand Ambassador because glasses and proper eye care are topics that are so important to me. I wanted to be able to share some great news about new trends, styles, and care while doing awesome stuff for you guys>>> giveaways!!!

Sunglasses_Firmoo_I am a Honey Bee-09 Sunglasses_Firmoo_I am a Honey Bee-10

Sunglasses_Firmoo_I am a Honey Bee-08

I picked out these glasses to work for my fall and winter wardrobe. The frames are a dark brown and I picked matching dark brown frames that coordinate with darker fall and winter clothes. I absolutely love them.

Sunglasses_Firmoo_I am a Honey Bee-11 Sunglasses_Firmoo_I am a Honey Bee-12

Sunglasses_Firmoo_I am a Honey Bee-15

Firmoo has a wide selection of glasses and sunglasses that will work for your face shape and style preferences. And even if you don’t love the options they offer for sunglasses you can easily change any pair of glasses to sunglasses just by changing the tint of the lenses, that all have 100% UV protection.

Sunglasses_Firmoo_I am a Honey Bee-13 Sunglasses_Firmoo_I am a Honey Bee-14

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1 winner will win one pair of glasses with 1.50 index lenses from this page: Any other add-ons or upgraded lenses will be charged at an extra fee. Open to US only, includes with free shipping.


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