Halloween. 2015


Autumn loves Minnie so much that when I found a Minnie costume that would fit actually fit her I snatched it up. Of course, I based our costumes off of her’s so Price was Mickey and I was Daisy Duck.


But first, we started our Halloween a day early as Autumn went to daycare in costume on Friday in a spider costume. She actually wears it regularly. ha!

Halloween_2015-2 Halloween_2015-3

Price and I were having a rough week so we decided to perk ourselves up by having tons of fun on Halloween.

As it is our last Halloween up here, we decided to go up to Salem to enjoy the festivities up here. Price and I had been once before for Halloween with our friends Emily and Peter and it was a lot of fun and really busy. We didn’t want to deal with the crazy crowds so we decided to go up for breakfast, enjoy the morning there, and head home before lunch.

Halloween_2015-4 Halloween_2015-5

We went to The Ugly Mug for breakfast. (thanks for thesuggestion Twitter Peeps!!) It was so good that we are already planning on our next visit there.


Minnie and Mickey!!!


After breakfast, we headed out to wander around Salem.

We first visited the Witch Trials Memorial before heading over to the adjoining Charter Street Burning Point.

Halloween_2015-8 Halloween_2015-9

Halloween_2015-10 Halloween_2015-11 Halloween_2015-12

I love the rich history that is scattered throughout New England. It’s incredible in Boston and the surrounding areas.


Boil Boil Toil and Trouble

Halloween_2015-14 Halloween_2015-15


Witches were everywhere!


At least this witch was a nice one!

I told Autumn to wiggle her nose like Samantha. She looked at me strange.


Halloween_2015-19 Halloween_2015-21


There is a fantastic exhibit called Stickwork at the Peabody Essex Museum that we will come back to visit in depth one day. Especially in the snow!

Also, they have another exhibit that we want to see one day so we will be back soon.



I will defiently miss Fall in New England when we move. I can’t stop taking pictures of the changing pictures so I can capture all the carious hues of greens, yellows, oranges, reds, and purples that fill the trees and sidewalks.



I mean, come on…

Halloween_2015-26 Halloween_2015-27

There was a festival for kids on the Salem Common. They had dressed up characters that Autumn loved/was scared of, games, bounce houses, and face painting.

Halloween_2015-28 Halloween_2015-29

The bounce house maze experience was greeted with so much enthusiasm (she tried to go in before it was fully set up!!) but some big kids (4 yo’s?) ventured back through and they didn’t mean to scare her but did so we had to yank her from the side and she clawed for her freedom. Poor Minnie!!


Hey dude. Thanks for settling Salem.

Halloween_2015-31 Halloween_2015-32



Halloween_2015-35 Halloween_2015-37

We wrapped up our Salem adventure with some more wandering around and some shopping just after 11am and headed home.

Autumn was so upset to be leaving but she was just over tired from the busy morning as the hysterics lasted a minute before she was passed out for the ride home.


Keep it up New England. You rock this time of year.


We carved our pumpkins in the afternoon after watching a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Halloween special (but of course!). Plus, I made an apple crisp and a frity flax oat bran bread. The house smelled so good from the baking and the hot cider we had warming on the stove.

Later on, Autumn and I went out for an hour for trick-o-treating. It was confusing to her but she had fun with it.

Halloween_2015-40 Halloween_2015-41

She was wiped out after it so she ended up going to bed at 6pm! Now that’s a great day!!!

Unfortunately we don’t get a lot of trick-o-treaters. It’s a nasty cycle in our neighborhood… kids don’t go here because people don’t hand out candy>>> people don’t hand out candy because kids don’t come here. This doesn’t sit well with me as I LOVE to hand out candy to kids in costumes.

I ended up calling my Dad to see what we would be getting ourselves into next year when we are down in FL with him and he had to just rub it in that he had 300 kids. OMG!!!!!

I’m thankful we had such a great day celebrating Halloween in Salem this year.Mickey, Minnie, and Daisy had a great Halloween!!!




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