Dear Autumn @ 24 Months

Dear Autumn at 24 Months-01

November, 2015

Dear Autumn,

Happy Birthday my love!!!

I can’t believe that you are 2 years old! It’s crazy to think that 2 years have already passed by so quickly since you changed our lives for the better. So much better.

I feel that I am constantly missing things or missing you as you are growing up so quickly, learning so quickly, doing everything quickly. I want to keep you my baby forever.

I don’t want to forget the day to day moments of you asking for things like ‘Mickey Birthday Waffles’ or ‘leche’ or ‘Minnie Big’ to ask for specifics like Mickey Mouse shaped waffles or your milk or you big Minnie that you got from GG for Halloween. You are very polite when you ask for things by saying ‘Pweas’ and ‘Tank yous’ very softly.

Your playfulness and creativity is contagious. It’s fun to see you play on your own or with us. You are still loving Mickey and his gang, but now will tolerate some Paw Patrol every now and then. We have discovered that you like play-doh, coloring with markers, and building with blocks with Daddy. You request so many books to read to you at night before bed, often dragging out our bed time routine by another 10-15 minutes. Sneaky!

You have a very fierce temper and get frustrated easily. I feel so bad that there are times that you loose control of your emotions and can’t take the time to figure something out, accept our help, or accept when we say ‘no’. But I get it, I do. That is when I see myself in you since I also can get very easily fustrated. I try to explain to you what to do or why we are saying ‘no’ to help you figure it out and work through your emotions. Sometimes you can calm down in 2 seconds or sometimes it’s 20 minutes. It’s a work in progress as we are diving into those ‘terrible two’s’.

Kisses and cuddles from you are few and far between, so when we get them we savor them up. And often take adventage of the situtaion and smother you in kisses. There is just something so sweet about your open mouth kisses that you plant on my face or mouth before you go right back to what you were doing or run away playfully.

There are moments that I always want to treasure, like when you help make your favorite ‘smoonies’ or when you always respond with ‘2’ when we ask you how many there are of something, but moments I want to quickly forget, like when weI kick me in the face when I am changing your diaper. Thankfully, those rough moments are really truly few and far between!

I love you for you and who you are going to be. I love you for what you have me and what you have made Daddy. We will always love you.



Dear Autumn at 24 Months-02

Dear Autumn at 24 Months-05

Dear Autumn at 24 Months-03 Dear Autumn at 24 Months-04

Dear Autumn at 24 Months-06

Dear Autumn at 24 Months-07


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