Oh Hey, Snow!

Oh Hey Snow

It’s snowing today in Boston.

I love/hate it. I think it’s wonderful but such a mess at the same time. It’s 2007 Britney.

We are currently predicted to get between 5-8″ of snow. Not too shabby.

Oh Hey Snow_01

After last year’s record setting snow fall I’m glad this winter had been pretty easy on us.

With 9 days left in Boston I can’t complain. I’ll take what snow comes our way. I will miss it to some degree, but I don’t miss having to clear off the car or shovel.

Oh Hey Snow_02 Oh Hey Snow_03

In fact, I really hate cleaning off the car, I have a “funny” story  about snow and my soft-top Jeep Wrangler from when I was in high school. My mom was out cleaning off her car after it had snowed and was lecturing me that I needed to properly clean off my car before going to school while I sat inside it as it warmed off. I said “nah, look at this. I do this all the time.” I turned around grabbed a gym shoe in the back and tossed it against the back plastic to knock off the snow. “See, it knocks it off!” I grabbed the other shoe, tossed it back there again and my shoe sailed right through ripping the plastic. WTF!?!?!?! I guess the cold, rigid plastic had had enough of shoes bouncing off of it and RIP!!!!!

Needless to say I was in trouble and really cold in my car that day. Lesson learned, don’t through shoes at your Jeep Wrangler’s windows.

Oh Hey Snow_04

Anyway, I snapped these photos on my birthday, Jan 18th, as it snowed a bit that morning. Autumn gave it 10 minutes outside before calling it enough. Or maybe, that was me. Doesn’t matter really…

Oh Hey Snow_05 Oh Hey Snow_06

Oh Hey Snow_07 Oh Hey Snow_08


4 thoughts on “Oh Hey, Snow!

  1. Tony says:

    Nic, I just love these pictures. They will be great for Autumn to look back on and say, ” Is that what looks like? We have no snow in Florida! I guess I did experience it a time or two.”


  2. Pricer says:

    FYI: I was throwing the snow so Autumn could watch it fall. I don’t usually throw snow into the air over a 3′ fence with the exception of Feb ’15 when I had to because we had 9′ of snow.


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