Stitch Fix – March 2016

Stitch Fix Review- March 2016

I stopped getting Stitch Fix after I was pregnant for a period of time since I was more focused on buying diapers than new clothes. Plus, I was loosing a bunch of weight (thank you breastfeeding!) so I didn’t feel like investing in in-between sizes as I was quickly transitioning into and out of sizes. For example, in the first 18 months after having my daughter I dropped 60+ pounds. So yeah…

That being said, I did start Stitch Fix up again recently but I’m just now getting around to sharing my experiences again.

Here are my goodies from my 16th Stitch Fix that I received in March!

March Stitch Fix_01

Millie Textured Dress from Pixley $78


I love the style, fit, color, and pattern for this dress.

It was love at first sight when I opened up the box since I liked that the pattern was reminiscent of a honeycomb which is such a fun pattern. I’ve now worn it a few times and I love it more every time.

March Stitch Fix_03 March Stitch Fix_05

Dauna Trapeze Party Back Knit Top from Pixley $54 (size S)

I don’t normally like these swoopy back shirts since they just seem trendy but I thought this was fun. I really liked the stripes and the color in the back as well. I thought the price was high for the quality of the material, which is a general trend that I feel with buying from Stitch Fix.

March Stitch Fix_08

Broderick Cut-Out Detail Top from Fun2Fun $48 (Size S)

The color is so fun. It reminds me of spring and the tropics and it just felt perfect for my new life in Florida!

I like the weight of it as it’s still airy and such a great color. I even got a compliment from a total stranger on the street when I wore this. Awesome!

It does wrinkle a lot throughout the day, as evident in the photos, but I still like it.

March Stitch Fix_06 March Stitch Fix_07

Magnolia Split Back Blouse from RD Style $68 (Size S)

I was not really in love with the split in the back but I liked the other aspects of the shirt from the length of the sleeve to the material and the pattern to the color.

I like tops like this but I wish that Stitch Fix would include more cotton based items instead of this fakey stuff.

PS. It should be noted that I Honey I Shunk the S H I T out of this top. Such a bummer since I did liked it more the first time I wore it than when I tried it on. And then I went and shrunk it. A LOT. So here I am wearing it and not breathing… I’m an idiot.

March Stitch Fix_02

Ortega Open Knit Perforated Cardigan from Skies are Blue $48 (Size S)

Cardigans like this are so versatile since they can go with jeans or with black dress pants or dresses. I like the color, texture, and the weight of the cardigan. This is great with the Textured Dress that I have already worn several times already. I think I can play around with it more than just wearing it like above, but maybe I can layer a belt over it. We’ll see what I do with it over time, but I expect heavy rotation in my wardrobe.


Merchandise Total $296

Discount for purchasing all 5 items (25%) = $222

Styling Fee Credit -$20.00

Total $202


I decided to keep all of the items in this Fix.

I have never kept all the items before so I guess I really liked the shipment. At the moment I think it was a good decision, but looking back, I think I jumped at the chance for some new clothes without having to go shopping since I have been so busy lately. I am so glad I kept the dress, turquoise blouse, and cardigan, but I wish I would have returned the striped shirt and polka dot one. I actually wear the striped one a lot since it’s comfy but I just regret spending so much on it for the overall quality.

Overall, I think it was a good fix, I like the stylist that I have been getting, so I will stick with her, but in the future I will be a bit more picky in what I keep.


Have you tried Stitch Fix before? Do you love it? Hate it? 

If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix before and are interested in giving it a try then please use my referral code: 3059041. Thanks!!!!!!!





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