Stitch Fix- April 2016

  Stitch Fix Review- April 2016

Well, wouldn’t you know it’s time for another Stitch Fix review!

I liked my March Stitch Fix so much that I decided to schedule another Stitch Fix for April so here is my review of that box from April.

April Stitch Fix_01 April Stitch Fix_02

Ahleya Eyelet Dress from London Times $88 (Size 4)

Love it! Kept it!

I love the color, fabric, design, and silhouette. Such a winner. I knew once I opened up the box that I’d keep it. Perfect

Also, Autumn felt like joining in these photos. Aren’t her Old Navy PJ’s just the cutest?! They are actually boys PJ’s but they are a winner in our house since they have “Twinkle Little Stars” on them. ha!

April Stitch Fix_03 April Stitch Fix_04

Trinka Blazer from Skies Are Blue $74 (Size S)

I really liked then when I took it out of the box but it was way too tight. Not just snug but could not button at all and it was way too small in the bust too. Not only that it was too long in the sleeves. Just not right for me. Oh well.

April Stitch Fix_05

Evella Boatneck Top from Market and Spruce $64 (Size S)

I liked this top but I didn’t see the value in the cost and getting another long sleeve top while living down here in FL. It’s already in the 80’s so this would not be touched for months until things cool down again. Cute, but bad timing.

As well, I don’t like tops that are layered already. Just a weird personal preference. It seems weird to me. Whatever.

April Stitch Fix_06 April Stitch Fix_07

Athenia Button Down Top by Aratta $54 (Size S)

My biggest pet peeve with Stitch Fix is that they don’t often include things that are made of cotton so when I took this out and saw it was 100% cotton I did a little jig. It is soft but sturdy. And I liked the plaid pattern on the top. It is great for summer so I kept it.

April Stitch Fix_08

Jafar Peplum Back Cardigan from Sweet Grey $68 (Size S)

I wasn’t too sure when I took this out of the box because of the material but I liked it once it was on because of the peplum detail in the back.

In the picture above, I paired it with a skirt from Hately (Size 4) and a white tank.


Merchandise Total $210

Styling Fee Credit -$20.00

Total $190



I  decided to keep 3 items from this Fix. Not too bad.

I have had these items for a few weeks now and I have worn everything, some even 2x, so I think that getting these items was  smart decision since I can see wearing them often in the future as well.

My next Fix will arrive in about a week. I requested that I don’t get items with long sleeves or are heavy since it’s already in the 80’s here and I can’t imagine wearing stuff with long sleeves when it’s even going to get warmer. Plus, I emphasized getting more stuff made with cotton. I am hoping for another great shipment from my stylist.


And some bloopers just for fun!

April Stitch Fix_10 April Stitch Fix_11

April Stitch Fix_12 April Stitch Fix_13


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