My afternoon pick me up


I have always been the kind of person to hit a wall in the afternoon and need a pick me up. Sometimes it can be as simple as getting up from my desk and taking a quick walk, or grabbing a cup of coffee. It all depends on how much sleep I got the night before. #toddlers

With the caffeine equivalency of your average cup of coffee, I have been recently been grabbing a Dark Dog Organic Energy Drink instead of making a coffee.

I love how refreshing it is to grab one of those chilling in the fridge. The cool drink is a great alternative to grabbing a seltzer but it has the energy to get me through the rest of the day and until dinner. Plus, it helps me save money from swinging by the local Sbucks for an iced cold brew.

Dark Dog offers 4 kinds- Original, Blood Orange, with Coconut Water, and 50 Calorie- that are sure to give you some pep and refresh you. All are made with out any artificial colors, preservatives, or artificial flavors. Everything in there is natural and organic when possible, like the cane sugar, coconut water, fruit juices, and teas.


Their Original is just 130 cal and has a nice tropical flavor from the tea, juices, and coconut sugar. It’s light a bubble and gives you a nice pick me up without a crash afterwards. And I think it goes so well with some dried pineapple as an accompanying snack.

The 50 Calorie variety is my favorite since it has a nice bright flavor from the green tea and yerba mate blend with the finishing touch from the Elderberries. The berry flavor is subtle and tastes real, unlike some other fruity drinks. Plus, it’s just 50 calories so that is a big win for me.


Coconut Water has a nice refreshing pina colada taste from the coconut water in there. It also packs a flavor punch from the Green Tea & Yerba Mate in there. All of that flavor and vitamins for just 50 calories.

Blood Orange at just 140 calories is packed with 100% of you daily Vitamin C needs. Plus, the citrus flavor is

I love opening up one of these drinks and grabbing a light snack like popcorn or fruit so I can get over the afternoon lull that typically grabs hold of me.

What are your favorite ways to give yourself an energy boost in the afternoon?


This post is sponsored by Dark Dog Organic Drinks but all opinions are my own.




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