Halloween 2017

Halloween is my favorite holiday.

I just love the fun festivities for the night. And the costumes are tons of fun.

I bought Autumn an Elena of Avalor costume early on from Costco since they have great costumes for awesome prices there. She wore this to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and loved it, but I made the unfortunate comment about it leaving glitter on everything. So that was no longer acceptable. Ugh. I kept telling her that it was no big deal and that last Halloween’s costume did the same. They basically all do. It’s a Halloween thing.

Still not cool.


So, then we got her a plain witch costume. Perfect! But she stole my broom.

Then she found out her friend, Kenzi, at school was going to be Elsa, so we had to go through the dress up bin and pull out an Anna costume for . The pair are so fun together.

So Autumn was 3 things for Halloween related festivities.

And Hunter was a cow. No complaints there!!!

Nor did he complain when we put him in a pumpkin that our neighbor had for her son, who is just 2 weeks older than Hunter.

I was a ‘Basic Witch’, which is just a play on ‘basic bitch’. I bought my shirt from the Everfitte shop  on Etsy, and paired it with a black tulle skirt. While at a Halloween Party, I carried around my “This Might Be Wine” mug from Brim Papery, which of course had wine in it. I just stuck with a travel mug for my roadie on Halloween so I didn’t run the risk of breaking my beloved mug.

Price was a grim reaper for a party we went to, but ditched the costume for taking the kids trick or treating.

Autumn scored tons of candy, and loved giving it out too. I made sure she said ‘thank you’ to everyone, so once I sent her back and they gave for more candy when she approached them again saying ‘thanks!!!”. ooph!

At least she had a blast with her friend Sophia and enjoyed her sugar high.

Loved every bit of this Halloween!!!!



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