Happy Friendsgiving 2017

I love that we found such a great group of friends since moving to Florida.

We just clicked and it works so well with kids all around the same age (5 and under). The kids all play together and we get to hang and talk fun things like crappy sleep, endless weekend to do lists, and boob jobs we dream of. Ah mom life! ha!

Well, we divided up the holidays and hosting duties throughout the year.

Molly and Aaron got Friendsgiving, so we headed over to their house on Saturday with a giant tray of Sausage & Mushroom Stuffing and some booze in hand to hang out with friends while getting stuffed on some really awesome food!


They created really cute Thankful cards for each of the kids and gave them crayons to color in a big picture together. It was a good activity for the kids, besides the regular running around and screaming they always do.

Hunter’s future girlfriend Mila… so sweet and squishy. I love fresh babies.

Hunter was thrilled just to hang out with everyone. Also, nom on some blocks.

I did my typical Thanksgiving thing and not eat any turkey but just stuff myself on all the sides.

I realized that my sweet potatoes need work. The ones that Dolly brought were out of this world. They were so incredibly creamy, mine are never like that. But I did rock the stuffing that I brought so at least there is that! I am good with my stuffing skills, but I need to work on things for my sweet potatoes.



The kids finally wound down and watched a movie.

Ahh, so many girls. The few boys are going to be in trouble in this group!

The ladies stayed in and talked and talked and the guys went outside to build a fire n the fire pit and hang there.

Well, I’d say that the night was a big success!

Can’t wait for our next group party… Dolly & Rocky’s Ugly Sweater Party!!



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