The Week in Rewind #3


Life as a Stay at Home Mom sorta began this week.

I just had Hunter as Autumn was still enrolled as we neeeded to extend her another week since my mom’s surgery was pushed off a week.

I told myself that I was going to be so super productive this week! So much to do! And I was going to conquer it all!


I started things off by getting to the post office on Monday! Oh, what’s that you say? It’s MLK Jr Day and the post office is closed? Yep… I’m on my game!

My favorite thing about Tuesdays is Autumn’s gymnastics class.

She is so attentive to the teachers in class as they explain the activity they kids need to do. I love how she really likes to try everything and is so happy to do it all too.

My birthday was super cold! How dare Florida do this to me!!


At least I had a great breakfast at Panera with Hunter.

I enjoyed an egg sandwich and coffee and Hunter enjoyed some fruit. The perfect breakfast date.

Then I went out with my dad for lunch for my favorite Chinese food – Salt and Pepper Shrimp.

Then we did our traditional make pizza at home thing for my birthday.

Plus Autumn and I made a cake. Of course she didn’t want to eat the frosting on it, after we made the frosting together. Kids…

Price gave me a beautiful pearl necklace and set of earrings. I can’t wait to wear them on the cruise for our formal night.

It was a great birthday!!!!

And before I knew it, Friday was here!

I spent the morning running around like a crazy person packing up the car (I should have done it the night before with Price but I really just wanted to enjoy my birthday, but damn it! Everything was so much harder than expected and took me longer to do. That’s how things work.

But I finally made it out the door and I was on my way to go up to stay with my mom for her surgery.

She had to stay in recovery for a while as she felt so sick from the anesthesia.

Once she got home, her friend Karen and I, got her all set with ice and meds.


Saturday was pretty relaxing as the main focus was keeping my mom comfortable from her surgery. We watched The Kitchen and decided to have the Pantry Pasta that was featured on there. It was soooo good.

And I posted it on IG stories and GZ commented on it. OMG!!

Sunday was just was relaxing with long walks with the dog and Hunter to keep the dog exercised and the house quiet so my mom could rest.

Can’t wait for next week!


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