Dear Hunter @ 10 Months

April 2018

Dear Hunter,

Please stop biting me.

You have recently discovered that you can bite. That you can bite me. That you enjoy it.

That’s great, but please stop. You may have just 2 teeth, but it still does hurt when you chomp down on my arm, shoulder, chin, face, and stomach. It is not funny, please stop giggling.

Okay, you can keep giggling when I tickle you, but not when you bite me. Can we make a deal?

Can we also make a deal about slowing down time?

I really can’t believe that you are already 10 months. The time has flown by. I feel like I say that every month. It just feels so unreal every time I put on your monthly milestone sticker on your onesie, grab the lion & blanket, and my camera to take pictures.

I am really glad that I document each month like this, writing you a letter so that you can look back at these when you are older and know how much I love you. How much we all love you.

It’s so easy to be head over heels in love with you as you are charming, silly, giggly, handsome, and just so adventurous. You gave me a heart attack when you climbed up the slide on the playset  on the lanai. There you were, proud as can be, at the top of the slide. I never would have thought you cold have done that. So much for letting you just crawl around on the lanai while I made lunch or did the dishes. Now I need to watch you like a hawk.

You are very different than your sister, Autumn, in that regard. We didn’t need to baby proof much for her, besides a baby gate at the bottom and top of the stairs in our condo in Chelsea. She didn’t both the books and things on the bookcase, or open up kitchen cabinets, or jsut get into things.

But you, are so much trouble!

You love to get into all the different things in the cabinets and you throw them out onto the floor. Clang! Clang! Clang! You mess our piles up books up, you climb in and under things, you toss dirt out of planters. Even the baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs annoy you and you shake them so hard, trying to open them. ha!

You are a real character, I love everything about you!









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