The Week in Rewind #19

05.07.18- 05.13.18

Nothing says “Monday… oh, it’s you again…” than a red eye flight that arrives at 6.08am. Oooph!


The busy, fun, tiring weekend away in Seattle whooped my butt so Monday was pretty chill with the kids. At least I came home to the living room all set up again. Price worked so hard all weekend and set the furniture back up and wall mounted the TV.

I had the goal of having a more productive Tuesday, so we went to the library in the morning, but I was still so zonked from the weekend that I tricked Autumn into taking a nap with me. Except that she bailed on me at the last minute and I slept while she colored in bed next to me. Thankfully I set an alarm and we made it to gymnastics in time.


I swear there is nothing better than a dog and baby.

Well, maybe baby snuggles and kisses.

Or maybe, these 2 playing together.

I think it’s all pretty great actually.


We hit up the pool on Thursday afternoon, Autumn did a killer job floating. She still needs a ton of work, but is showing more confidence in the water and did a good job listening to me give some pointers.

Friday was super busy a workout in the park that left me sore all weekend, lots of cleaning around the house, and then an afternoon trip to the splash pad.

I couldn’t stand how tall out bushes had gotten so I hacked away at them while Price trimmed back some palms. There is still so much landscaping stuff to do, but it felt good doing some of it, especially with huge shears.

Then the kids and I hit p Target for a party gift before we went to a party in the afternoon.

The week ended with Mother’s Day. Woohoo!!!

We had a wonderful day together at Sweetfields Farm, just an hour from our house. The whole farm was fun but the big attraction was their sunflower maze. It was so fun and just so beautiful. Even if we couldn’t take a family pic to save our lives! ha!


Afterwards, I had Price drop me and the kids off to meet my friend Brittany, her husband, & daughter at The Landing so the kids could hang out and we could enjoy our complimentary mimosas for Mother’s Day. Once the kids we ready to go, we left for the walk back. It just started to drizzle, which actually was refreshing. But Price was my hero as he pulled up while we were on our walk back so that he would get us home without getting drenched. The rain was traveling S to N, and I was walking right into it, but wouldn’t make it home in time. My hero!

The rest of the day was just your average Sunday, so a bit of busy and relaxing all combined.

It was a great week.


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