Happy 2nd Birthday Brinkley

Hey, Mom… this hat… not cool…

Yeah, I couldn’t resist this for Brinkley’s 2nd Birthday.

In fact, it was from Autumn’s 1st birthday. ha!


Our sweet Brink turned 2 on the 30th. Autumn and I wanted to celebrate the occasion with a fun treat for her. We made pupcakes for her and Kemper to chow down on.

I think that Brink just tolerated dressing her up with the hat since the big jar of PB was out and she was looking forward to some. They can’t resist pea nut butter!

I mean, how can a sweet little doggo not love a Peanut Butter filled and frosted pupcake?! And a tiny treat to top it off, perfect!


Both Brink and Kemper enjoyed the pupcakes. They were a wonderful treat for them. Brink basically dove for it (see how her foot is off the ground!?) and Kemper was licking his chops waiting for me to give him his pupcake.

We are so thankful that our derpy little Brink is in our lives. Love her affection, spunk, silliness, and kisses so much!

Recipe for those scrumptious Peanut Butter Pupcakes will be on the blog soon!


Meet Brinkley!!!!!!

Meet Brinkley

This is Brinkley!!!

We got a puppy this weekend!!

Meet Brinkley-1 Meet Brinkley-2

She is a 7 month old puppy from the same breeder from where we got Kemper. She is his younger half sister as they have the same father. Love it!

This was a sudden/long time in the works sort of thing. And kinda crazy/awesome considering we’re moving. Eeek!

Price and I had been talking about getting another dog for about 6 months now. We had reached out to the breeder but he didn’t have any puppies available. It was a big bummer as we wanted to get another dog before we moved, and ideally from the same breeder as we had such a great experience with Kemper.

Meet Brinkley-3

Then I saw a FB post 2 weeks ago saying he had 7 month old female available! YES! I immediately messaged him. I didn’t even ask Price, I just jumped at the opportunity. It worked out since I was the first person to reach out to him. He explained that he had originally kept her from one of his litters for his breeding program. But, she just ended up being too small, it would not have healthy for her to have liters of puppies.

Meet Brinkley-4 Meet Brinkley-5

So last Tuesday night we visited her and, thankfully, things went really well!

Gucci, as what she was originally named, was very affectionate with us and got along with Kemper. Kemper was a wee bit too distracted with the cats in the house as well. “Cats! CATS!! CATS!!!!!! Oh, hey, other dog, whatever.” Thankfully, Kemper is pretty cool with other dogs, except for standard poodles and greyhounds. Weirdo.

Meet Brinkley-6

Our biggest hurdle was how she would do with Autumn and how Autumn would do with her. That was key in all of this.

We picked up Brinkley on Friday night so we could supervise everyone for the weekend. Friday night was great with us hanging out, but the real test was Saturday morning when Autumn was added to the mix since we got her after she went to bed on Friday night.

Meet Brinkley-7 Meet Brinkley-8

We had been telling her we would be getting a puppy so she wasn’t exactly surprised but she was excited. They took to each other right away. Autumn got jumped on and got knocked over 2x and then I think Brinkley learned who is boss and let Autumn give her tons of hugs and cuddles.

Meet Brinkley-9

The rest of the weekend was pretty laid back as we let Brinkley figure the new routine out and get settled. We’ve had a few accidents but nothing major. She is super mellow, playful, and sleepy. It’s been great!

Meet Brinkley-11 Meet Brinkley-12

So the name change?

While Gucci is cute, I have wanted to name a dog Brinkley for the loooongest time. Price wanted a boy dog and to name him Kemper so we went with that when we were selecting out our first dog together. So I got to pick this time around. I picked Brinkley because it’s the name of the dog in You’ve Got Mail- my fav movie!

But we are so happy with our teeny tiny Brinkley. Gotta love her and her funny underbite!

Meet Brinkley-10


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