Happy 2nd Birthday Brinkley

Hey, Mom… this hat… not cool…

Yeah, I couldn’t resist this for Brinkley’s 2nd Birthday.

In fact, it was from Autumn’s 1st birthday. ha!


Our sweet Brink turned 2 on the 30th. Autumn and I wanted to celebrate the occasion with a fun treat for her. We made pupcakes for her and Kemper to chow down on.

I think that Brink just tolerated dressing her up with the hat since the big jar of PB was out and she was looking forward to some. They can’t resist pea nut butter!

I mean, how can a sweet little doggo not love a Peanut Butter filled and frosted pupcake?! And a tiny treat to top it off, perfect!


Both Brink and Kemper enjoyed the pupcakes. They were a wonderful treat for them. Brink basically dove for it (see how her foot is off the ground!?) and Kemper was licking his chops waiting for me to give him his pupcake.

We are so thankful that our derpy little Brink is in our lives. Love her affection, spunk, silliness, and kisses so much!

Recipe for those scrumptious Peanut Butter Pupcakes will be on the blog soon!


Happy Birthday Price

Happy Birthday Price_2015

Happy 33rd Birthday.

Happy Birthday to my husband.

Happy Birthday to the best dad that Autumn could have.

Happy Birthday to my ying to my yang, to my mac to my cheese, to my sugar to my spice.

I’m looking forward to all this year has to offer.

I love you!!!!!!

Autumn’s First Birthday

Autumn's First Birthday-19

Our little sweet Bean turned 1 just two weeks ago… how has it already been that fast?!?

We had a wonderful time with friends and family as we celebrated at home the weekend before her birthday.

141117_weekend recap_08

It meant so much to us that our families came up to visit and celebrate, with my mom and dad traveling from Florida, my brother and sister from CT, and Price’s family from central NY and NH.

Autumn's First Birthday-2 Autumn's First Birthday-3

Autumn's First Birthday-8

Autumn's First Birthday-5

Oh, this melts me.

Autumn's First Birthday-4 Autumn's First Birthday-6

Autumn's First Birthday-7

Our farm theme party had cupcakes that were decorated like apples, a veggie patch (crudite platter), muddy tracor wheels (chocolate dipped Oreos), haybales (rice krispie treats), chicken feed (popcorn), Ham and Cheese Sliders, cheese and crackers on our piggy cutting board that Price’s dad made, and chili to serve on top of corn bread muffins. We decorated with a custom made poster, some bales of hay, and burlap banners. Plus, I cut out some barnyard animals from the cricut, placed them on the bookcase that morning, and forgot to put up. Story of my life. ha!

Autumn's First Birthday-12

As much as Autumn enjoyed all the action she still needed her afternoon nap so we then sang to her and cut the cake for everyone to enjoy. An hour later, she woke up happy & refreshed to tear into her wonderful, generious presents.

 Autumn's First Birthday-13 Autumn's First Birthday-14

Autumn's First Birthday-11

I really wish we had more pictures, we were just having a blast that I kept putting down the camera and enjoying it all instead of snapping pics. I always struggle with getting the right amount of pictures with everyone and being a part of the action.

 Autumn's First Birthday-9 Autumn's First Birthday-10

Then on her actual birthday, I brought a cake with her to daycare to share with all her little buddies there. I made a golden yellow cake with a pink buttercream frosting. I heard a full (loud) report from the kids when I went to pick her up that they loved it. And got to see a little video of them singing ‘Happy Birthday to You’ in english and spanish over and over again. She was all bouncy and clapped along. She just loved being in the spotlight that day.

Autumn's First Birthday-15

And just because we wanted some pictures of Autumn with some cake, I went to a local cupcake shop down the road from my office and got her a carrot cake cupcake.

We set her up with that cupcake, and her cute little birthday hat that she recieved as a gift, but she since she had just inhaled more than an avocado for dinner she wasn’t too interested in anything besides the frosting. Which worked out fine as Price and I then split it. ha!

Autumn's First Birthday-16 Autumn's First Birthday-17

Autumn's First Birthday-18

We had such a fun time celebrating her birthday. Autumn loved the extra attention from her family, friends, and daycare buddies. Oh, the singing, she couldn’t get enough of the singing. Oh little kids, they kill me!

 Autumn's First Birthday-20

Birthday Dinner

Yesterday was my friend Emily‘s birthday. We went out to celebrate with food and drinks at Post 390. This place always impresses us with their amazing service, fantastic food, and tasty drinks. Those drinks go down just so easily! Esp when your best friend is yelling at you to drink another one because it’s her birthday and that means you have to do what she says.

The Hedgehog Ornament, one of the gifts I got for Emily, was getting cozy with the butter, and confusing all the servers. It’s not a porcupine people! The hedgehog started to off having plenty of room but soon he lost out on real estate when all our appetizers and sides came. It is perfectly reasonable to make a meal out of appetizers and sides.

We had a great time catching up. Yes, we live live 3 miles away, email each other every day, Price and her work together… but we still need long dinners like this to really catch up on the shit storms that are our lives. Oh, the hilarious insanity.

Happy Birthday Emily… may this year bring you happiness and success. But really… let it bring more (controlled) backyard/kitchen fires, drunken nights playing Trivial Purist, overnights sleeping on the Cos, and adventures driving to random towns.