8.22-24: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

get Autumn from daycare | Autumn has dinner | finish packing quickly | leave for the weekend | McDonald’s on the road | arrive in Greenwich! | hang out & get settled | birthday cake for Keagan & Dad |  go to bed

140825_weekend recap_01 140825_weekend recap_02


up early | bacon egg and cheese sandwiches from the Firehouse Deli | Tiny Tots Kids Consignment Sale | consignment shopping | farmer’s market | pick up dad | Carvel | lunch and party at Mama’s | back to Kris’ | date night out! dinner | back to Kris’ | Autumn to bed | NASCAR | pump | bed

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140825_weekend recap_05 140825_weekend recap_06

140825_weekend recap_07 140825_weekend recap_08

140825_weekend recap_09

140825_weekend recap_10 140825_weekend recap_11

140825_weekend recap_12


breakfast | pack up the car | Dad, TJ, Cara come over | leave for home | stop for lunch at Sonic | home | Autumn plays in the pool | dinner time | bed time | showers | relax | clean up | pack for Miami trip | bed

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3.38-30: Weekend Recap


work from home | Autumn had an orthopedic an appointment- no more hip brace!!! | Target | Old Navy | pack for the weekend away |


leave for Greenwich! | go to my sister’s house so everyone could meet Autumn | go to the hotel | every takes naps | watch The Heat | make dinner at the hotel room | SNL | bed


Autumn did not sleep well | get ready and pack up | get goodies from The Kneaded bread | breakfast at my sister’s | visit Emily’s family to meet Autumn | creeper at the reststop | home | week ahead prep | blogging | bed

11.9-11: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} nails done | home | pilgrim sandwiches with Pricer | put away clothes, pack up clothes in bins, & start to pack for Phoenix trip | Price did laundry | bed

{Saturday} up at 5.30 | shower | send emails | pack up | drive to Greenwich | home at 10am | catch up with mom | food network & cat nap | go to the movies to see Flight | feed dogs & get changed | Whole Foods & get wine | potluck party- lots of wine, lots of laughter, great food | watch SVU | bed

{Sunday} Cobi woke me up for attention | finally up at 9 | pack up the car | Nanny gave me copper pots | go to Kris’ to catch up | leave Greenwich at 12.25 | Shake Shack | keep on drivin’ with NPR| home at 4 | relax | football & NASCAR | Price had cigar I got him | Chinese food delivery | Price cleaned the rabbits’ cage | bake | blog | bed




9.7-9: Weekend Update

{Friday night} Leave work early | shopping | meet Price & Emily to get car to go to CT | Price drives | Shake Shack | drop Emily off | home | Catch up with mom | bed {Saturday} therapy with Mom | feed Nanny’s cat | CVS | home | swap cars | Nanny is back from her cruise | grocery shopping | caught in rain storm | lunch from Fire House Deli | naps | Target & Modell’s run with pizza take out for Mom’s Bday | relax & watch NASCAR race | fell asleep on sofa | bed {Sunday} up early | grocery store run | breakfast @ my sister’s – made stuffed French Toast while Price played video games w the boys | pack up the car | pick up Emily | Sonic | drop Em off @ home | pick things up at work | PetSmart | Micheal’s | CVS | home | relax & make dinner | work on wig while watching DVR’d shows & football | bed




5.6-8: How Martha Were You?

How Martha Were You?

The majority of the weekend was spent visiting family. I saw my mom, dad, and my brother’s and sister’s families. It was great to get to see everyone.

Friday Night-

Price and I went to Abeille, a local craft store, so I could get supplies to replicate a necklace for my mom for mother’s day

We walked from Brookline Village to Coolidge Corner

Price treated us for some Sushi at Mr. Sushi

Did 2 loads of laundry

Price’s friend Chris arrived from Albany, they hung out while I made the necklace


Got up at 6am to pack up the car, pack a bag for weekend in Greenwich, and prep a blog post

On the road by 7.30

Went home and hung around with my mom

My dad invited us to his boat so we stopped out the Fire House Deli for sandwiches and hung out on the boat for a few hours

Dad and I went out for dinner for Chinese Food

Mom and I watched Lady Gaga’s HBO show

I wrote a blog post on my iphone

Sunday (Mother’s Day)-

The dogs thought it would be fun to wake me up early

Lounged around with the dogs and satellite TV

Got ready

Unpacked the car of the plants I brought home for my mom to foster because we

Mom and I went to Coyote Flaco for lunch. Ate way too much guacamole

Back home to hang out a bit before leaving

Stopped by my sister’s old place/ brother’s new place to see everyone while they were moving

Left for Boston and on the way home I stopped off for a Rita’s Ice for a juicy pear and vanilla custard gelati

Arrived back in Boston around 7.30.

Watched DVR’d NASCAR race with Price

Made gluten free biscuits

During Morning Living on Martha Radio, the hosts hold a segment called How Martha Were You? every Monday morning where you recap your weekend’s activities.

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