Mr. July

I volunteer for the local rabbit rescue group, House Rabbit Network. Every Monday I do the calls that come in from the hotline. I love how they are generally adoptions. I do hate having to pass along the surrenders to the fantastic woman who has the patience to deal with them, because I would not at all. That being said I did my calls for tonight and felt this was a perfect time to share Mr. July with you. He is a very adorable rabbit who loves food, laying around, trying to dig to china on the hardwood floors, flopping over, eating more food, doing binkies, laying down, being groomed, destroying books, and eating more. What he loves most are raisins. Really funny to see him freak once the box of raisins makes its appearance.

Mr. July is our JACK!!

This is one of my favorite photos of Jack. This is Jack in his element. He loves to lounge around, but it is quite rare for it to be on the sofa. So that of course makes it more special.

So why exactly am I calling him Mr. July?

It’s because he is in the 2011 House Rabbit Network Calendar!!!!!!!! I hate to push things on people but I can’t resist this. So I encourage any pet/rabbit lover to get a calendar or to even gift one to someone. This will truly help a great cause. HRN is a great organization that I love to help out. There are so many rabbits in the foster home system now, and all of these rabbits could use your help for health care, supplies, and food.

If you don’t want a calendar, you can still help out with donations. Or even donate to your local rescue, since they all really need the help.

(Thanks, I’m done now being all beggy and preachy)


sooo excited and now so tired

Yesterday I woke up earlier than usual so I had enough time to let the rabbits out for a long time. Usually the rabbits are slow in the mornings but Jack decided he was ready to be out and play. Bunny had other plans. While he was trying to get her to play he was jumping on and off the sofa, digging into the sofa pillows, jumping on and over the pillow he knocked on the floor, jumping into and over Bunny, and doing binkies*. After all of this nonstop action he decided he was tired, so he flopped down on the sofa and leaned against a pillow to rest. I just could not resist sharing!

FYI- Binkies are a way that rabbits express they are happy. They will either jump and spin in the air from a complete stand still (what Bunny does) or they will hop around and do them. The video shows you what they look like. This is just some random rabbit, not Jack.