5.17-20: Weekend Recap

{Frday Night} left work early | trip reacap from Elaine and Anne Marie | Price gets home | jetlagged travelers went to bed | went to dinner Alia in Winthrop | bed

{Saturday} up early | Katz’s bagels | Elaine and Anne Marie left | stitch fix try on | bagel sandwiches | blogging | scrapbooking | 3 hr nap | Price mowed the lawn | tofu stir fry | DVR’d Grimm | bed

{Sunday} up early | ham, egg and cheese on mini rolls | Sunday paper | watched Sunday morning | scrapbooking & rabbit time | hang out with Mark & Macari & the pups | Tasty Burger | went to work from 5- 8.30 | lounge around | bed early

{Monday} no work | Dr’s appointment in Brookline | Price went to work | other’s Dr office for blood work | home | talk to mom | nap | Price get’s home

date night

price's head hurts kemper smush face

bunniesstir fry

tasty burger


3.29-31: Weekend Recap

{Friday night} empanadas for dinner | watch Grimm | fire down the road | bed

{Saturday} make ham and eggs for breakfast | take Kemper to the vet | yard work and clean up | mac and cheese for lunch | I took a 2 1/2 hr nap while Price kick ass in the backyard | ‘Cuse game | get ready | fugakyu for dinner to celebrate Price’s new job | finish DVR’d ‘Cuse game and other games| bed

{Sunday} we went to Home depot (not yet opened) | Starbucks | Market Basket (closed for Easter) | back home | cinnamon rolls for breakfast | Home Depot | take Kemper to the beach | give Kemper a bath | watch You’ve Got Mail | make pasta for lunch | brush and trim rabbits nails while Price cleans their cage | fold laundry | watch Louisville vs Duke game| photo edits & punchlist write up| Price picks up Emily | Indian take out for dinner | watch Walking Dead season finale | Price drives Emily home | bed

 Fire Chelsea Eleanor Street_01 Fire Chelsea Eleanor Street_02

Fire Chelsea Eleanor Street_03 Fire Chelsea Eleanor Street_04

fuzzy bunnies ham and eggs kemper at the vet

sleeping kemper

date night at Fugakyu sushi at Fugakyu

Price at Fugakyu lounging around

fuzzy bunnies shedding Bunny

Price and Kemper at the Beach kemper at the beach

Kemps sitting

bun 2x – Layout

Something magical happened on Monday night!

I actually began the process of unearthing my desk and getting to work on some scrapbooking layouts and Project Life. Price wanted to watch the episode of The Walking Dead that he DVR’d and since that scares the bejesus out of me I went upstairs. I had to even put on some peppy FrankMusik so I could drown out the sounds of zombie screams. (Frankmusik’s debut album “Complete Me” always picks me up. It’s been in the car’s CD play since summer of 2009. no joke. Don’t touch it!) So in between instagramming photos of the rabbits, I went through goodies that were piling up on my desk to be used. It was overwhelming but really nice.

Can’t wait to really dive back in and get crafty. Stay tuned!!

10.25-29: HurricaneSandy Weekend Recap

{Thursday night} FASHION SHOW!!! | dance dance dance | cab home

{Friday} heart attack waking up at 1.50pm & messing up the day | go through photos from fashion show | tortellini | Price home | shower | go to Mark and Allie’s to hang out with everyone |

{Saturday} sleep in| haymarket for oranges | Mark & Allie’s house | fresh squeeze oj | breakfast: mimoas, muffins, eggs, baocon, sausage | T ride | guys went to BC game |kids play at the park | T ride back  | lunch for the kids| nap with Kenzi | guys come home | sushi dinner from Fugakyu | kids paint pumpkins  then go to bed | go home & go to bed

{Sunday} sleep in | grocery shopping | breakfast | Grimm | fight | baking and cleaning while Price works on portfolio | dvr’d NASCAR race | got ‘no work’ email | make drinks & watch Hurriance Sandy coverage | bed

{Monday} no work | breakfast | Hurriance Sandy coverage | bake cookies | shower | power out at 3.20 | 2 hour nap | walk around | go for a drive to see any damage (not much!) | KFC | lounge around with drinks | bed







10.4-7: weekend recap

{Thursday night} bus ride home | pick tomatoes from our garden | pack an over night bag | leave for Greenwich | lots of rain then traffic| last 10 miles take extra 50 mins | chat with mom | bed

{Friday} chat with mom | get ready | Kris picks me up | McDonald’s | 9.05 wait in line for Vineyard Vines sample sale | shopping | chat with Kris | 1.18pm leave for MA | Shake Shake for late lunch | traffic and lots of accidents | gas | traffic and lots of accidents| took 5hrs 45 mins to get home door to door | talk with dad | wine | pasta with fresh garden tomato sauce | TV | bed

{Saturday} take videos of the rabbits | made egg whites with tomatoes and alouette cheese and english muffins | TV time | drop off Pricer, pick up Emily | lunch at Mi Salvador & Mexicano | laundry | watch The Newsroom | me: work on wigs, em: knit | price came home | drop off Emily | pouring down rain | lean cuisine | relax & watch DRV’d Food Network Shows | bed

{Sunday} pancakes for breakfast | Price did the dishes | watch SNL | cut coupons | Water For Elephants | Price went to Kurland’s | work on wigs | apple & peanut butter for lunch | watch NASCAR & Giant’s game | do my nails | Price back | make pasta for dinner | bath | blogging | wine | meal planning | bed