6.3-6 How Martha Were You?

How Martha Were You?

Ever since moving… less than a week ago!… we have been wrapped up with unpacking. I could have locked myself in the apartment to focus on unpacking and organizing but life goes on and real (fun) things must happen. So highlights of the weekend, plus A LOT of unpacking mixed in.

Friday Night-

*looks like an episode out of hoarders*

Went to Massage Envy for a massage

Went next door to Pizzapalooza for take out dinner because they have Gluten Free pizza, enjoyed it with some wine.

Unpacked kitchen boxes and organized metro shelving unit with containers of baking supplies


11 hours of sleep later…

Unpacked a bit of the boxes in living room

Price arrived back from work so we had some breakfast

Dropped Price off at work at Old Navy

Went to the Whole Foods that we moved down the road from our new place

Dropped off cable box and modem with previous provider

Had a coupon for Treat Cupcake so I stopped by there and got a Gfree cupcake for myself and a chocolate peanut butter cupcake for Price

Some more (endless) unpacking back at home

Went to Urban Grape for Gluten Free wine and food tasting

Met Price at Home Depot- picked out Martha Stewart Paint color Sunkenpool for the kitchen, got painting supplies, and Chalkboard paint

Back home, I made some gluten free dinner bc we were going to a BBQ and burgers, hot dog buns, and beer are not gfree

BBQ!! I played Rock Band for the first time

Had our cupcakes when we returned after midnight


Slept in and rushed to get ready to go to Ikea

We arrived shortly after opening

Tested out different sofas and took notes about TV stands to get


Packed up my new crafting ‘station’- bookcase and desk combo

Had to take backroads home since there was no way I was getting on the highway with the boxes hanging out the back

We had lunch back home and our landlord came by with a new toilet seat

We set up a dog crate for the rabbits since it will be a bigger home for them compared to their previous cage

Unpacked the glasses for the hutch

Dinner out for some Greek food at Acropolis in Needham

Attempted to do laundry but building’s washer was broken… going to laundry mat on Monday night now


At 9.30 I started to paint our chalkboard wall in the kitchen

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How Martha Were You?

How Martha Were You?

It was a busy weekend with out upcoming move. We had a tag sale on Saturday morning to get rid of some last minute things and make some extra money for new apartment things (sofa!) It was so nice to be able to get a jump start cleaning the place by getting the keys early. So much cleaning because they had cats and Pricer is allergic! And of course it was sooo HOT over the weekend! It got up to 84 in the apartment, but thankfully Price borrowed a window fan for us and that helped with things.

Friday night-


Met Price at Haymarket to get fresh fruits and veggies

Made dinner together- grilled pork tenderloin and grilled veggies

More packing!


Got up early to set up for our tag sale and hang signs

Tag sale 8-1pm

While supervising the tag sale I went through past issues of Rachel Ray mag, Gourmet, Bon Appetite, and Martha Stewart Living to pull out recipes and articles for binders (overall 60+ magazines less to move)

Lunch from Pho Viets

Moved unsold things to curb- man people like free stuff!

Packed some more kitchen things

Dinner at Not Your Average Joe’s in Watertown

Stop at Target for cleaning supplies, including a mop

Packed up the car to be ready to get going in the morning


Got up, put on crappy clothes and headed to starbucks for so much needed caffeine before meeting our new landlord at 8am

Brought cleaning supplies in and got to work! Mopped living room over and over! Mopped bedroom and cleaned the dusty radiator, cleaned the countertops, cleaned freezer, etc

5 total trips to new place today

Got ready to go to a Full Moon Celebration Party for my friend Sarin

Drove to Providence and saw a guy on an OLD fashion bike. I had to jump out of my car right as I parked to get a pic!

Met baby Lucas!

Stopped at Home Depot on my way back up to Boston

Collapse in heap on The Cos and watch NASCAR race with Price


7 trips to new place (I went on 5 trips with Price)

While Price was going back and forth I was mopping and cleaning the new place. So much animal hair!! I also put together the dog crate, which we just get to take apart this week when new one comes


We called it quits after 5 and went to the grocery store to get stuff for LAST grilling dinner with Natalie and Jason.

Shower my offensive smell off me and got ready for dinner

We had burgers with grilled veggies, chips with gauc and no pudge brownies with blueberries and whipped cream- great meal we put together

Loaded up the car with clothes and headed out to new place for last trip of the night. Soooo tired!

Tuesday morning-

Bring the car in for inspection and to get MA plates on the car

And then MOVING DAY!

5:20-22: How Martha Were You?

How Martha Were You?

After a 60 workweek I just wanted to relax this weekend. While I relaxed by drinking and playing around with #BHF11pp on twitter on Sunday, I did a lot of packing for our upcoming move. Saturday was a lot of fun since I did some shopping, but the best part was the getting to enjoy the warmer weather by grilling outside and hanging out there with Price. It was our real weekend in the apartment with the grill and patio set so it was great to relax in it together one last time.

Friday Night-

I left work at 3pm, 60 hours under my belt

Made lunch at home- rice pasta with butter, white truffle salt, and parmesan cheese

Called Amica to get new car insurance that is approved in MA. I got a cheaper rate than before too!

Price got home late from work. We caught up about our days and started to relax and drink


We went to Cafe 939 to see Ian Axel perform

After the show we went to 5 Napkin Burger for dinner- yumm… salted caramel shake!

We finally unwound and went to bed around 1.30


Price and I made breakfast together gluten-free waffle sandwiches with egg and cheese

Price had work at his second job at 12.45 so we both went to the Arsenal Mall. I did some shopping at Old Navy and Victoria’s Secret, plus lots of browsing in other stores.

I went to Watertown Mall to stop by Target to grab some stuff for the new apartment and look for some furniture options as well

Went over to Watertown Center to Sophia’s Greek Pantry to get some imported Greek food, including some amazing feta

Picked up Price from work at 3.45

We went to Urban Grape for a tasting of mead from Isaak’s of Salem and Hannabell cheeses from Shy Brother’s Farm, we picked up a bottle of honey mead

We went to Star Market to get groceries for dinner.

Price made margaritas to celebrate the rapture.

We made dinner- tomato salad with feta and avocado and grilled chicken with grilled mushrooms and asparagus

Since the weather was nice we ate outside and hung out for a while.


I finally got to sleep late, until 9.30

Using leftover grilled mushrooms and asparagus from dinner, we made a veggie omelet

We lounged around going through the paper and google reader catching up on blogs while watching SNL

And then the packing began. Soooo much packing

Price supplied plenty of mixed drinks… strawberry margaritas and diet coke and rum slushies

And more packing, packed up the office and my stuff in the bedroom

Throughout the day I participated in BHF11pp chats on twitter

For dinner we had grilled chicken, baked potatoes, and grilled corn

I trimmed the rabbits nails

We watched billboard music awards

During Morning Living on Martha Radio, the hosts hold a segment called How Martha Were You? every Monday morning where you recap your weekend’s activities.

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5:13-15: How Martha Were You?

How Martha Were You?

After most weekends I sit down, write down my comings & goings, and don’t feel very “Martha”. I expect to have long lists of things I made, cooked, cleaned. Some weekends my list is short, some it’s very long. I think this weeekend falls in the middle. I had to work on Saturday so that prevented me from doing things around the house, but it was something I had to do anyway. So I realize that a list of things I did might not be very long, it might still be impactful.

The best thing about my weekend was getting to hold baby ducks. I did a little hop for joy when I saw them, making the woman at the farm laugh at me. It’s the little things.

Friday Night:

Went to the Post Office to mail my craft to my partner in a craft swap in South Africa

Ordered Chinese Food using the Signpost ordering service

Lounged around watching shows on our DVR from the week


9am Massage at Massage Envy

Brunch at Ashmont Grill with Boston Brunchers

Head into work because of our upcoming deadline. Worked 7 1/2 hours

On my way home, I stopped off at Hong Kong Market to get the rabbits some fresh veggies

Made gluten-free rice pasta for dinner


Breakfast at Athan’s Bakery. Price had a chocolate croissant and I had a hot chocolate. Sooooo good

Picked up dry cleaning at Zoots


Drove out to Natick/Stoneham to get rabbit pellets at Sweet Meadow Farm. I got to hold baby ducks!!!!

Then we checked out Planet Fitness location so see about transferring membership locations

Over to Watertown to go to Old Navy for boxes. Trash was already taken out so we didn’t get any boxes but I got to do some shopping anyway

Went to The Meat House to pick up hot dogs for lunch

Last stop at The Urban Grape to get beer for Price and gluten-free beer for me

Made our beef hot dogs for lunch. Topped with buffalo chili (we picked it up when we went to the Bison Farm in January), cheese and avocado slices. Made baked sweet potato fries.

Watched the NASCAR race… very upset about Kasey Kahne’s blown engine

While watching basketball I went through my google reader to catch up and comment on blogs

Made Gluten Free Brownies

Packed up my scrapbooking table and worked on purging the office

Watched the baseball between the Yanks and the Soxs.

Changed my address on USPS for when we move

Online browsing for new curtains. Of course we like some crazy expensive ones from Anthropologie. Damn! I think we’ll end up at pottery barn or crate and barrel instead.

During Morning Living on Martha Radio, the hosts hold a segment called How Martha Were You? every Monday morning where you recap your weekend’s activities.

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5.6-8: How Martha Were You?

How Martha Were You?

The majority of the weekend was spent visiting family. I saw my mom, dad, and my brother’s and sister’s families. It was great to get to see everyone.

Friday Night-

Price and I went to Abeille, a local craft store, so I could get supplies to replicate a necklace for my mom for mother’s day

We walked from Brookline Village to Coolidge Corner

Price treated us for some Sushi at Mr. Sushi

Did 2 loads of laundry

Price’s friend Chris arrived from Albany, they hung out while I made the necklace


Got up at 6am to pack up the car, pack a bag for weekend in Greenwich, and prep a blog post

On the road by 7.30

Went home and hung around with my mom

My dad invited us to his boat so we stopped out the Fire House Deli for sandwiches and hung out on the boat for a few hours

Dad and I went out for dinner for Chinese Food

Mom and I watched Lady Gaga’s HBO show

I wrote a blog post on my iphone

Sunday (Mother’s Day)-

The dogs thought it would be fun to wake me up early

Lounged around with the dogs and satellite TV

Got ready

Unpacked the car of the plants I brought home for my mom to foster because we

Mom and I went to Coyote Flaco for lunch. Ate way too much guacamole

Back home to hang out a bit before leaving

Stopped by my sister’s old place/ brother’s new place to see everyone while they were moving

Left for Boston and on the way home I stopped off for a Rita’s Ice for a juicy pear and vanilla custard gelati

Arrived back in Boston around 7.30.

Watched DVR’d NASCAR race with Price

Made gluten free biscuits

During Morning Living on Martha Radio, the hosts hold a segment called How Martha Were You? every Monday morning where you recap your weekend’s activities.

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