Oh Harry, how you’ve grown

my mom suggested that I pick a Broadway show for her, price, and me to see as our christmas gift. which worked out wells since i would much rather do something than get something for a gift. i ended up picking how to succeed in business without really trying. umm… daniel radcliffe in it… sold! the weekend of the show finally came so we headed down to greenwich.

we caught an early afternoon train into the city. before we left grand central we checked out the vanderbilt market. there was a photo printed on gold leaf that i loved but i didn’t want to get it then since i knew it would be destroyed in the crowds (smart choice), but now i am going to need to track this guy down again since he doesn’t sell online… whaaaaa?


after leaving grand central we walked over to bryant park to check out the winter market and watch the skaters. it was packed in the market so we just waited for hot chocolate and cookies at max brenner’s booth. hot chocolate was amazing (little too sweet for my preference) and the cookies were monsters. I want to make cookies like him. so many chocolate chips, so many walnuts.

bank of america tower on the right. I think this is such a beautiful building

Chrysler building. Spotted while searching for a bathroom


o christmas tree , o christmas tree…

30 rock



winter window display at sak’s fifth avenue. it had to do with a little girl named holly exploring the basement of sak’s and what she discovered, which were all these tubes, tubs, pulls, and levers that made batches and batches of bubbles. mom was not impressed. i liked the rabbit.

after getting through the crushing crowds around rock center, we continued down 49th st. we spotted this store, rain africa, that sold bath salts, lotions, and soaps. i loved this display.

breezed right through times sq. we stopped at the al hirschfeld theater to pick up our tickets, then we headed up 9th and 51st to empanada mama. i saw this restaurant on food trip with todd english. everything we had was incredible- the plantain chips with guac to the entrees to the 4 desserts empanadas we shared. i highly recommend this place.

back at the theater.

i love old theaters.

curtain call. 🙂

the show was incredible. daniel worked his ass off as j. pierrepont finch hroughout the whole show. he worked hard to sing and dance and the performance was that much better for it. I love when you can see effort, passion from stage actors. jon larroquette (j. b. biggley) was also in it. i didn’t like the character rosemary, but the actress was amazing. ellen harvey as miss jones… holy cow that woman can sing!

It was a great day in the city.

PS- when we were hauling ass back to grand central to catch our train back, I overheard a woman point out the chrysler building to her son and call it the empire state building. then she proceeded to sing the chorus of empire state of mind. oy!


12.9-11: Weekend Recap

Price’s holiday Party | drive down to Greenwich | Sam Adam’s Winter lager | cuddle with Piper | sleep in till 10! | breakfast from the deli | train ride into the city | Santacon | Vanderbilt market | Bryant Park Winter Market | Max Brenner hot chocolate and cookies | walk up 5th Ave | Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree | Lego store | St Patrick’s Cathedral | Sak’s windows | crushing crowds | pick up tickets at the theater | dinner at Empanada Mama | 3 margaritas for Pricer and mom | How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying | Daniel Radcliffe 🙂 | bad Instax film/broken camera 😦 | Times Square at night | 11.40 train home | breakfast from the bakery | pack up and drive back to Newton | napping in the car | trim jack’s nails and brush him | blogged| mac and cheese stuffed shells | start the Giant’s game | shower and early to bed




I do a weekly weekend recap to track what I fun things I do over a weekend. I started this series of blog posts because of a Monday morning radio segment called “How Martha Are You?”. During Morning Living on Martha Radio, the hosts hold a little contest to see just how ‘Martha’ you were.


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The Highline {part deux}

How is it September 1st? It’s crazy how the year is speeding by. How was it that I was in NYC a month ago? Crazy! Life has been speeding by lately. I’m grasping at it desperately since days are blurring and pretty soon I will be surrounded by fallen leaves and sipping cider.

Previously blogged about the super fantastic Highline from our first visit back in 2009. That was when the first section just opened. We went back to see the new part that opened this year. It’s a fantastic park that I suggest everyone to see when they are in The City. So if you are going to visiting there soon head over, maybe you can get a glimpse of these summery scenes before it gets too cold!


Above The Lot

Looking towards Section 3



June 8, 2011 – June, 2012
On the High Line, between West 20th and West 21st Streets

Debuted June 9, 2009
Chelsea Market Passage

View towards Diane Von Furstenburgs’s Studio Skylight by Work Architecture Co.

I love this. So much.

7.28-31: How Martha Were You?

How Martha Were You?

Friday Night-

Price and I left work a tad bit early to beat some traffic out of Boston. Off we were to Greenwich/NY…

While on the way down, I called for some Chinese takeout from one of my favorite places. Well… I had only ordered ‘Salt & Pepper Shrimp’ (not on menu) once before and my dad paid, so I nearly flipped out when my din din came to $22. HOLY CRAP. all other shrimp dishes were $9-$13. I was too speechless when I found out to really figure it out but $22 DAMN!!!!

caught up with mom and then went to bed since we were getting up early on Saturday


5.15 alarm. oh Saturday morning please just piss off…

Price and I were on a 6.16am train into The City


We headed over to Rock Center to see the taping of the Today Show. Price got to meet Linny!

We walked down 5th to 23rd and headed to the West Side, we stopped for breakfast at La Maison du Macaron, based upon a recommendation.

Then we continued walking and grabbed a donut from Doughnut Plant. I could not pass up a Peanut Butter and Jelly Donut!

Passing a working fire on 23rd we continued on to The Highline

We strolled around The Highline. We even got a shaved ice.

We headed back along 23rd St so we could stop in Eataly. I was in love, but also being tourtured with all the pasta, bread, and pizza. Damn you gluten!

Heading just outside, we went to Shake Shack for lunch.

We saw a couple get married, well Price saw the vows and I saw the post wedding photos.

We walked up 5th to head back to Grand Central (I love the Empire State Building!)

Price got some shaving stuff from the Art of Shaving in Grand Central and then we were on a train back to Port Chester.

Price and I stopped off at a liquor store to get some vino for dinner at my brother’s

Back home we relaxed for a bit, saw my grandmother


Price and I beat Laura home from the boat, I got to play with a nakie Cara before she had dinner and got ready for bed.


Dinner with TJ and Laura- great, funny, casual, amazing. It has been such a long time since TJ and I hung out and caught up, so funny to see how we are alike.


We kinda slept in. Mac is a barker… damn dog.

Mom and I looked into flights and hotels to go to Spark: The Event in Utah in Oct

Price and I helped mom hang up photos in the house on the stairs and in her room

We were on the road shortly before noon

Late lunch/early dinner at Corey’s Catsup and Mustard 

Before we got home we stopped at Lowe’s and Home Depot

scored my highest yet in Yahtzee!!!!

Price and I watched the race while I went through old magazines and cut out recipes

During Morning Living on Martha Radio, the hosts hold a segment called How Martha Were You? every Monday morning where you recap your weekend’s activities.


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