Sketchbook 2: Day 3

Price is such a good sport. I bugged him 2 nights in a row about this simple layout. I started it late on Monday night because I just had to get it going then. So when he we  he was ready to get to bed I called him back to show him my work-in-progress layout. Poor tired Pricer is trying to get to bed early (to be at work at 6) and I want to stay up all night scrapbooking. And then I started working on it again on Tuesday night and had him checking it out again when he just wanted to drink a beer in peace. He is such a good sport about it considering my scrapbooking table and storage unit ended up taking over the office and now there is a table in the dining area. At this point he has as many rounds of golf and cigar smoking owed to him.

Anyway… I am absolutely loving this Sketchbook 2 class!!! It is helping me stay current with my scrapbooking. Like having 3 weekly assignments. I’m going to fall a bit behind since we are going to spend this upcoming weekend in Maine but I’m okay with it. Our long weekend in Maine will result in lots of photos and ultimately more scrapbooking! So I took this picture on the 30th when my mom came up to Boston for a weekend visit. We had a fantastic time shopping in the North End and in Coolidge Corner, going out for dinner at Euno in the North End, having a grilled dinner in the backyard, 2 trips to Haymarket, making smoothies, and another great meal at Bouchee. We were basically go, go, go so these are the best pictures from that weekend. This was such a fantastic meal and time I just had to document it.

I enjoyed playing with this sketch a lot. The sketch had spots for 2 photos and 2 small circles (focal points) Instead of just 2 photos I used 5, but I reduced the size of 4 of them to fit into a 4×6, mimicking the 2 photo look. Also I did not use 2 circles in the layout. I still wanted to use a circle but I made it 1 larger one. Instead of treating the 2 circles as just 2 circles I used their spots as focal points, which allowed me to put my text embellishments there.


Sketchbook 2: Day 2

Day 2 of the Sketchbook Class from Kelly Purkey and Studio Calico brought along another great sketch. I loved this sketch! It was fun to do this layout out. Esp since Emily was over (we watched the Informant!) and we went through a lot of my papers to pick out what to use for this paper and just discuss my addiction. Piles of blue and green solids were pulled out, as well as patterned papers as well.

I might redo the title for this. Still not decided. Or I might add something to it. Always a work in progress.

Happy Layout

I wish I could tell you I have been in a scrapbooking rut. Why else would I not be posting any layouts? I have not been in a scrapbooking rut. I just have not been following through and posting them after I am done. I’m still making messes, finding strips of paper in the sofa, and unearthing ‘old’ photos and papers to rediscover. I’m having a blast.

My mom took this picture of our dog Piper this past May. Piper is 13 years old now so we let her get away with everything. She is slowing down but she surprises us when she takes off like a bullet after Cobi. She does whatever she wants, which usually means ignoring me and paying attention to Price. She is just about always happy, except when she gets shots from the vet. She greets you at the dog and practcally climbs up your leg to be held. If you stop rubbing her she will nudge you to start again. Pipes knows when you need some cuddling and some extra love.


Lack of sleep and a new layout

I had such a horrible night’s sleep last night. I never have a bad night- I lay down and I’m out within a few minutes, often mid sentence while talking to Price. But last night I laid there for what seemed like forever, 1 o’clock rolled around and I’m awake, I woke up several times during the time (no like me) and ta-da the alarm goes off at 5.20 or so for Price to get ready for work. I snoozed until 7 but the alarm every 9 minutes is not a sound sleep and I really wanted to be up at 6 anyway. So I’m off today. But I’m still trying to pull it together by tossing up a blog post.

This Sunday I hosted a scrapbooking crop, except last-minute rsvp changes and forgetfulness resulted in a crop of 1. While bummed that I could have slept in and not set up, I spent the day scrapbooking anyway. I got a few layouts done and some in progress, which I having been working on at night now. So the next few posts will be about the scrapbooking I have been getting done.

Today’s featured layout was one I did for a photo I took a few weeks back. I have noticed that I have been doing more 1 photo on a 12×12 layout than I did before. I still have my several photos layouts but I have begun to enjoy the 1 photo layout because it gives me more space for embellishment. Anyway, it always gave me a chance to use some cherry paper I just got- def a plus. I used both sides of the patterned paper- 1 side was cherries and the other was definitions. I circled the definition of “Enjoy”. I was definitely enjoying the moment, and my apron!

Supplies: Tea Towel Cherry Hill Paper by October Afternoon, Solid paper and real red ribbon Stampin’ Up!, Early Bird Borders by Cosmo Cricket, journaling tag and cherry circle tag by Shabby Chic Crafts, lace

Mischief Managed

Price took me to the MOS for my birthday to see the Harry Potter Exhibit (previously posted). I’m trying to get better at scrapbooking things immediately so I have the ideas and memories fresh in my head so I got my photos developed and got to work. I used a Stampin’ Up! patterned paper that I had for a while but had not used. I always wanted to used the red/pink paper but never knew what to used it for.  I felt it fit with Harry Potter because I always think of the elegantly decorated Hall in the movies with fine tapestry and floating candles.

The chandler, that I cut using my Cricut Home Decor cartridge, is to represent the floating candles. I felt the chandler would look better than a bunch of floating candles ‘thrown’ on to the page.