Neurosis #2

I like coupons, really like coupons. I have the Sunday Boston Globe subscription because of the coupons and I love that Price and I get up on Sundays with coffee/tea and lounge for a bit with the paper. I have always loved the idea of making a Sunday morning around the paper and now we have. Like this past Sunday started off with the paper, the Target flyer, and then a trip to target for a 3 in 1 printer that was on some crazy sale for $40 (our old one broke about 2 months ago). Yay!


Well, I go though the coupons, snip them out, and organize them for shopping. I end up with a pretty mean stack of coupons. They are organized by aisle and how the store is laid out. I admit it takes me well over an hour to go shopping, which is why Price thinks I’m crazy and I won’t let him go with me. His idea of shopping it doing a mad sprint though the store getting the things he needs then. So if we are ever at the store together it usually ends with me looking around for Price since he ran off with the cart to make me go faster.

I went food shopping last night and was in my element- I’m such a nerd. So here is the breakdown….

total:                                      157.15
store savings:                      30.98
coupon savings:                 21.58
total spent:                         104.59
that’s right I save 1/3 of my grocery bill on sales and coupons!

Sure, I’m a bit crazy about the coupons but I don’t go so far as signing up for coupons online, I just don’t have time for that. But I take my time shopping and I stock up on things that are on sale… like we probably have 6-8 months with of clothes detergent now, tp, shampoo, and a years worth of toothpaste, etc. Okay, I admit that is bizarre but I can’t pass up $13 detergent that I can get for $8 that will last us for 3 months. Plus, to be quite honest, I enjoyed the annoyed look from the guy last night checking me out. I explained to him that I separated the items to make things easier because i have a lot of coupons but he just rang one item in and changed its total quantity, when I gave him the coupons he had some major issues since the coupons are very specific. Serves you right for trying to cut corners.

This insane bulk shopping might run in my family since my grandma likes to call up Keurig and buy about a lot of coffee and tea at once. I mean A LOT! Luckily she likes to share so Price and I have a major stash of coffee and tea… 28 boxes, and in each box is 25 servings of coffee/tea. So we have about 1 1/2 years’ worth at this point. Hehe 

Stay tuned for Neurosis #3…..


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