A Happy Distraction

I’m back into scrapbooking. It really seems like it has been forever. Granted all of my stuff has been out in the living room and office but with the flood drama and our stuff being stacked up on other things I have been in the mind-set to be creative. Instead we just veg on the sofa and watch Mad Men and Weeds DVD’s and various shows on TV, like LOST! Oh can’t get enough of LOST. Anyway, while watching last night Pricer had to deal with pausing it so I could run back and forth from the living room table to the Cricut in the office to cut out letters. Of course , I was not sure what color to use so I did it twice in different colors so it took twice as long. So scrapbooking is becoming a happy distraction from the rest of the crap I’ll dealing with.

 The layout above is one that I completed before all the chaos but was too forgetful to bring it in to scan it. I made this to highlight our 5th anniversary (1/2). I took an online class from Kelly Purkey called Beginnings, which really influenced this layout. I typically like things straight horizontally and vertically but I loved her layout so I had to steal it for this.

I focused on color for this layout. Picking the paper from the bold colors on the shirts and then coordinating the blocking paper from that.  I think this layout is missing something. Not sure if it needs something in the center or I just don’t like it now it is done so I can’t let it be. I may revisit it later on. It would not be the first time I redo a page. Or it may grow on me.


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