Sketchbook 2: Day 3

Price is such a good sport. I bugged him 2 nights in a row about this simple layout. I started it late on Monday night because I just had to get it going then. So when he we  he was ready to get to bed I called him back to show him my work-in-progress layout. Poor tired Pricer is trying to get to bed early (to be at work at 6) and I want to stay up all night scrapbooking. And then I started working on it again on Tuesday night and had him checking it out again when he just wanted to drink a beer in peace. He is such a good sport about it considering my scrapbooking table and storage unit ended up taking over the office and now there is a table in the dining area. At this point he has as many rounds of golf and cigar smoking owed to him.

Anyway… I am absolutely loving this Sketchbook 2 class!!! It is helping me stay current with my scrapbooking. Like having 3 weekly assignments. I’m going to fall a bit behind since we are going to spend this upcoming weekend in Maine but I’m okay with it. Our long weekend in Maine will result in lots of photos and ultimately more scrapbooking! So I took this picture on the 30th when my mom came up to Boston for a weekend visit. We had a fantastic time shopping in the North End and in Coolidge Corner, going out for dinner at Euno in the North End, having a grilled dinner in the backyard, 2 trips to Haymarket, making smoothies, and another great meal at Bouchee. We were basically go, go, go so these are the best pictures from that weekend. This was such a fantastic meal and time I just had to document it.

I enjoyed playing with this sketch a lot. The sketch had spots for 2 photos and 2 small circles (focal points) Instead of just 2 photos I used 5, but I reduced the size of 4 of them to fit into a 4×6, mimicking the 2 photo look. Also I did not use 2 circles in the layout. I still wanted to use a circle but I made it 1 larger one. Instead of treating the 2 circles as just 2 circles I used their spots as focal points, which allowed me to put my text embellishments there.


One thought on “Sketchbook 2: Day 3

  1. Ruthie says:

    I really like this layout….the composition of the page is great and the handwritten journaling makes it feel warm and inviting to look at. Thanks for sharing.


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