Snowloko 2 LO- Studio Calico 1/23 Sunday Sketch

1/23 Sunday Sketch


This winter has been horrible in Boston. Actually January was the worst. We were pounded with snow storm after snow storm. So I have plenty of photos of snow, snow drifts, being bundled up, etc. As much as I would love to forget this winter it is definitely memorable.

This layout is a dead ringer for this sketch. It worked out perfectly. I wanted to emphasize Price bundled up while showing the snow. Of course the snow is important, but it is rather plan to showcase. So I had my main photo established and the rest were small ones (9 in a 4×6 photo) that told the overall story.

I added more embellishments to use up my stash, as well as create a visual triangle. I had a bunch of Stampin’ Up! rub-ons that I transfered to colored paper so they would pop off the black. I wanted to use the black paper so the white of the snow would stand out against it.

Supplies: Studio Calico’s Solid black sheet of paper, Stampin’ Up! solid color paper, rub-on’s, and glittered brads


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