Puppy Love- Studio Calico 1.20.13 Sunday Sketch

This is exactly my kind of sketch!


1.20.13 Sunday Sketch

Oh, the structure. The grid. The alignment. It all makes me happy! So very happy!!!! I just love all of those things. I love how it all works together and feels connected. I bet I will be keeping this sketch around to refer back to every now and then.

I made some changes to the sketch since I didn’t have 6 photos for the layout so I shuffled things around and put the title in the area where a photo normally would have gone and then some embellishments in another. I didn’t put the title on a pattened paper block because I had the woodgrain alphas that I really wanted to use, since they matched the tone of the patterned papers I was using.

puppy love - Layout

Get ready to see A LOT of doggy based layouts now. We are so excited to get our puppy on Saturday!


Happiness Right Here- Studio Calico 1.13.13 Sunday Sketch

at least I like the photo in this layout.


1.13.13 Sunday Sketch

Not my favorite layout. That’s just the way it is. I liked the sketch but I just was rushing with this and it shows- at least I think so. I still had fun stamping and punching out the clouds.

Happiness Right Here- Layout

I dunno, I shouldn’t bitch about this layout. I had enjoyed making it (quickly) and it was just nice to make something. You can’t get better at something without making a mistake or just not liking everything along the way either. I think the thing that I don’t like is that I used that stamp as the title. Maybe I’ll redo it. Probably not tho. I’m lazy.

At least I got to use up some random scraps of patterned paper punching out the clouds. Thinking positively here. 🙂

Happiness Now- Studio Calico 1.6.13 Sunday Sketch

Another year you made a promise
another chance to turn it all around
and do not save this for tomorrow
embrace the past and you can live for now
and I will give the world to you

For the past few years whenever I think of new years or a big change this Ian Axel song pops into my head. I’ve seen him perform several times and he is the kind of performer that gives me chills. Might have cried during gone. okay, every time.

Anyway, it’s a new year. It’s time to wipe the slate clean and start over where possible. I did just that this weekend. I reorganized my scrapbooking workstation. I liked it before since everything was at arms reach and I was facing out the room (I don’t like to be startled- I will pee my pants). But it really was taking up way too much room with that configuration so I reworked it and cleaned up my supplies. I’m about 95% done so I’m happy with what I accomplished and how it looks. I even hung up a few pictures. so now I’m feeling inspired and i am going to kick some crafty butt.

Starting things off I did a layout for my take on Studio Calico’s first Sunday Sketch of the new year. I really tried to stick with the Sunday Sketches last year but when we moved things really fell flat on their face. I’m hoping I get further along in the year. Wish me luck.


1.6.13 sunday sketch

happiness now_lo

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True Love LO- 3.18.12 Sunday Sketch


3.18.12 Sunday Sketch

So I am a slacker. I’m not talking about my constant feet planted approached at taking the LEED test, but a craft/blogger slacker. My love for Studio Calico’s Sunday sketches is should be no surprise at this point since I have a whole page on the blog devoted to linking my take on the sketches on there. Well, if you noticed it’s been barely lately. I am good about doing the sketches but I don’t have the consistent follow through on scanning, photographing, posting, linking… hmmm I wonder why?!?!

Well this is a brand new Studio Calico Sunday Sketch so I rushed to do it, and actually follow through and post it. As soon as I saw the sketch I knew which layout I would use it for so I just dug through my ‘to scrap’ photos and got to work. It came together really quickly and I love when that happens. I made a mistake but shit happens so I made myself work with it instead of tossing the whole thing in the trash. Do you see it?


One of my favorite things about this layout is my use of FabRips. This was my first time using Studio Calico’s FabRips. I just never felt the need to use the product before. Mainly because I didn’t know how I would want to use it. I felt just needed to give it a try once and for all so I cut a strip and scrunched it up. I think I’ll def be exploring more with the pieces I have, but I know I definitely need to get this filmstrip FabRips!

5: Vested LO- Studio Calico 12.18 Sunday Sketch


12.18.11 Sunday Sketch

Super Simple. Too simple but it’s done. I used some scraps and whipped this up in just a few minutes. I liked that the sketch gave the opportunity to use up scraps since I have a massive box of them. I love any sketch that promotes that.

I used the 5 buttons to act like that vertical like that runs down the side of the sketch. I was thinking that having the buttons in a row would create that linear element on the page. I used the 5 colorful buttons as a play on the  years I have been with The Big G and the colorful strips I used.

I hope to do a better job this year of staying with the Studio Calico Sunday Sketches as they are being posted, so far so good. As for posting them on the blog… soon, I swear!!


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