Project Life 2012- Weeks 1-3

I had been hearing about Project Life all over the internet. I was not sure if I should do try to take that on this year. What does a 20-something who works on average 45 hours a week document? What does one who spends most of her time at work do? No kids to snap photos of. Don’t often travel.

But I had to stop thinking of the things I didn’t do and to think about all the things that I had the opportunity to snap pictures of and document. This is my 3rd year doing Project 365 so clearly I can take a photo every day (well, almost every day), so I decided to stretch myself a bit and dive into Project Life for 2012. I see plenty of Boston, I have interesting things going on at work, I go to fun events, I eat out at too many places… so many possibilities

I didn’t go with the typical Project Life path in that I didn’t buy a kit. While the Project Life kits are fantastic, I decided to just buy Photo Pocket Pages – Design FPhoto Pocket Pages – Design B, and Photo Pocket Pages – Design E. I was inspired by Kelly Purkey’s Project Life post she did for her first 2 weeks. It didn’t scream kit to me. I love how things match when they are all from the same release or from a kit but life it not all that matchy matchy so I skipped the cards that typically go in the page protectors. And so I dived right in!

Project Life Cover:

Week One:

Week Two:

Week Three:

It’s not too late to join! Or you can even hold off until your birthday and do a Project Life from birthday to birthday. Or you can start at the birth of a child. Or when you get married to document your first year of married life. Oh the possibilities!


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