Trippy Dreams

So just an average insane day at work. Crazy things happening left and right and then I get this email from my best friend Emily.

“Hey! So I’ve been home with the nastiest cold, ever. I had to take tylenol cold twice last night to get to sleep. Anyway, so this morning I’m pretty sure that stuff made me trip balls because I had the WEIRDEST dream with you in it. We were at some weird craft fair (typical) and there was this Greek style of candle that you really really wanted. You had one from Greece but it broke or something and you were really upset about it so you wanted another but the one that had left didn’t look right.  They offered to make you another one on the spot and mail it to you. It was called a “margarine” candle but it required five cups of your blood to make… one cup of blue blood and four cups of red. The blue blood came from holding a flame next to your thumb until a blue liquid came out that the woman showed us you could use as ink… Then the four cups of regular blood just came from your thumb so it took you forever and you had to drink like 10 juice boxes to keep from fainting. You asked me to take photos of the process for your blog and I kept getting dizzy. In the end, they made you your uglyass candle that looked like a gnome made of butter. You were thrilled.

What the fucking the hell, Tylenol Cold. NEVER AGAIN!”

LOL!!!! I read this over and over at my desk cracking up. Definitely the best thing to break up my day.

Happy Hump Day!


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