3.6-8: Weekend Recap


stay home sick with Strep Throat (again!!) | Get Autumn from daycare | Autumn has  dinner | Price gets home | Autumn’s bath | dinner |fall asleep on the sofa | bed

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150310_weekend recap_02

150310_weekend recap_03

150310_weekend recap_04


up early | pack up for the day | leave at 8.00 | starbucks & Katz’s bagels | drive to Great Barrington for wedding errands: visit hotel, bakery #1,  meet with justice of the peace, hotel #2, bakery #2, lunch | home | Autumn’s dinner | Autumn to bed | dinner | random blog stuff | up later than planned | bed

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150310_weekend recap_08


up early- stupid day light savings time! | breakfast for Autumn | Autumn takes her morning nap | get ready | brunch at Ceia in Newburyport with Carrie and Liz | Price & Autumn went to Michael’s and Target | antiques shopping | Trader Joe’s | home | dinner | blogging | bed at 8.30

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8.7-10: Long (sick) Weekend Recap

{Thursday Night}

chills all day= fever at night | sleep on and off on sofa | bed early

140811_weekend recap-1


up normal time (4.45am) | Price gets ready for work | Price drops Autumn off at daycare | sleep on sofa until 10am | pump, shower, run out the door | get Autumn | 11.30 othropedic appointment |  drop off milk for donation | Shake Shack | home | Trader Joe’s – Autumn eats figs & their veggie dumplings | put away groceries | snack foods for dinner – dumplings, chips and dip | Autumn to bed | lounge around | bed

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140811_weekend recap-6 140811_weekend recap-7 140811_weekend recap-8 140811_weekend recap-9


up early | take Kemper on a walk | Price drops Kemper off at vet for anual exam | make breakfast | random morning clean up | take naps | get ready | run into James | eye exams in Coolidge Corner | lunch at Otto pizza | get Kemper from vet | go on a walk | dinner | cleaning the first floor & basement | Chris arrives | guys get beer and Taco Bell | hang out | go to bed

140811_weekend recap-10 140811_weekend recap-11

140811_weekend recap-12

140811_weekend recap-13 140811_weekend recap-14


up early | lots of Sports Center | The Neighborhood Restaurant for breakfast | run into Essa |  Union Sq Donuts | back home | Chris and Price go to Portsmith NH | Autumn eats lunch | Minute Clinic- no strep or ear infections | back home | pool time | guys get back home | hang out & watch NASCAR  | Autumn has dinner, get bath | sit outside | Autumn to be | pizza delivery | hang out | bed

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140811_weekend recap-18 140811_weekend recap-19

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12.28-30: Weekend Recap

{Friday night} made home-made buffalo chicken pizza | laundry | photo edited for Project Life 2012 layouts | lounged around & watched TV| bed

{Saturday} sick 2x | shower & get ready | visit breeder to check out Boston Terrier puppies | home | nap | Price got salt & sand at Home Depot & Ginger-ale for me at CVS | lounge on the sofa | watch ‘cuse game | soup and saltines more lounging around | bed

{Sunday} wake up to snow | Price cleaned up the drive away | make Price bacon, eggs, and english muffin for breakfast, had english muffin | Sunday Morning  | make cookies = fail | Giants game | organize blogging props | tortellini en brodo | Price did laundry | blogging | petco online browsing | shower | Old School | make pizza | watch football

12.7-9: Weekend Recap

{Friday} home sick! slept until 2pm | Price home from Ground Breaking for the Natick National Guard Readiness Center | Price brought back McDonald’s | lounging around | pizza

{Saturday} breakfast sandwich with taylor ham | Price and I go to work for a few hours | Haymarket | pick up dry cleaning | grocery store | tacos | watch My Week with Marilyn | bed

{Sunday}  made banana nut muffins for breakfast | watch Sunday Morning | read the paper | decide not go to to Eat Boutique- too lazy |  clean up kitchen and take out garbage | grocery store | make peanut butter pretzel M&M cookies | make Penne alla Vodka | make Thin Mint Gooey Cake Bars | blogging

4.20-22: Weekend Recap

Price left for a weekend back home | drinks with Emily at Marliave | hang out at her apt looking at furniture online | saw on drunk girl in a lady bug costume | watched Friends | up early | made pancakes | started lots of packing | unloaded closets | FaceTime with Price to show him what I packed | watched ‘Imagine Me & You‘ | scrapbooked | made pasta with left over pesto, mushrooms, tomatoes | self tanning application #1 | watched ‘Day After Tomorrow’ while scrapbooking | stayed up late to talk to Price | woke up at 6.30 and was sick | back to bed with chills until 11.15 | made mac and cheese with tomatoes for breakfast/lunch | packing more kitchen stuff | loads of dishes | scrapbooking Project Life | self tanning application #2 | blogging | Price came back home | weekend rundown | dinner at Christina’s for Greek food | watch DVR’d NASCAR race | bed