Cray Cray!!

I would love to wake up and it be some point in the future. After the closing date, after the packing, after the moving, after the unpacking. I just want to wake up and having that craziness all done with. I would love that.

I know I can’t fast forward because well, that is just not possible. Also, because I would miss out on so much, like Pricer’s mom’s bday, my visit to see Amanda, and my nephews all being in a play together, etc.

Our current place was rented and the new people want to move in early. Really early! Like 10+ days early. Thankfully they will pay us for it but it still puts a crunch on things that we did not anticipate before. But when it comes down to getting 1/3 of the months rent… we will jump and get it to work.

I’m helping on on someone’s project this week for a deadline. I don’t care about it. I don’t want to stay late tonight to work on it. But I have to and I know that I will enjoy working on the details when it comes down to it. I would rather catch up on my Sketchbook 4 class of Project Life tonight. Oh well, at least the OT helps offset the time from the taking Monday off for watching the Boston Marathon.

I know that I shouldn’t get to wrapped up in styling our place since we are not even there yet but I can’t help think about it. I am just so excited about it new beginnings and starting over in a place that is OURS. I feel our bedroom is in the worst shape since at this point it’s just a mash up of things right now. I don’t want to continue that so I’ve been glued to design blogs and shopping sites trying to pin things that we might like. (Check out this board– it’s totally cray cray)

I’m just feeling a little overwhelmed with everything that I am juggling in my head and in real life.

Oh, this weekend… I can’t wait to pack, scrapbook, and attempt to clear my mind of the things that are cluttering it all up.

What is making you cray cray at this point? What are you up to this weekend to clear your head?


2 thoughts on “Cray Cray!!

  1. Athena (@SuperAthens) says:

    I totally feel your pain, I would love to wake up in August or something. Hopefully things will be more clear for me. Trying to decide to purchase property has been very challenging. Do I want a condo? Do I want a house? Where? Should I move farther north for the lower prices? But I like where I live now. What about my gym membership if I move? Oh sh** its getting close to summer bday season. Must think about presents. Why oh why do I owe money to the IRS this year? I really truly cant afford it right now. Whats that noise my car is making! No! I do not have time for car problems! I want to make cookies, but really, they are too many carbs.. Ughhhhh it goes on and on and on. So.. Im going to sleep. I hope I wake up and everything is solved!


    • iamahoneybee says:

      oh i hear your pain. mind is constantly running with stuff as well. “Okay when I get home I need to load the dishwasher, then I need to sort clothes so when I get home tomorrow we can quickly start laundry. Leftovers again? Ugh, but I don’t want to cook, nor do I want to spend money on take out. Take out is so fattening. Ugh I need to dust off the elliptical…”

      Let me know what you figure our with your place. Hopefully you will find a place you love! Quickly!!


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