Monday Munchies: Boloco



As part of my Monday Munchies series, I will feature a different eatery for a review on the first and third Monday of every month. Hope you enjoy!


If you are in the Boston area you know of Boloco for their ‘inspired burritos’. But if you are not from the Beantown area and that name sounds familiar it might be because you might have read about them in the news recently when Nutella issued a cease and desist order from using their name in Boloco’s Nutella Milkshake. What?!? That’s right, Nutella doesn’t want you using their rich chocolate hazelnut spread in frozen beverages. Anyway, so Boloco is figuring out what to do next but in the mean time they will continue to serve up some great burritos, like they have been doing for the last 14 years.


Four friends started a fast service restaurant in Boston centered around making traditional Mexican burritos as well as burritos using other unexpected, bold ingredients and fresh smoothies in 1997 by Berklee College. They became a hit and started to expand their menu and to other locations throughout Boston.  I’ve been enjoying Boloco since I first visited Boston in ’03 when it was called ‘The Wrap’. Then in 2006 they changed the name to Boloco… BOston LOcal COmpany… Well, it was then that Improper Bostonian gave them one of their ‘Best of’ awards. Which award? “Stupidest Name Change” I had no problem with calling themselves The Wrap but I guess some people didn’t connect it to their the brand as they thought of cold deli sandwiches and not fresh made hot burritos. I don’t love the name but I do love what they serve, how they treat their employees, their mission to be green, and the charities they are envolved with.

So you won’t find you typical Chipotle style burritos here as they offer fun burritos like ‘Buffalo’, ‘Bangkok’, and ‘Tikka Marsala’ as well some kick you in the butt breakfast burritos. Plus they let you make up your own burrito combos using all the different ingredients they offer called ‘golocos’.


Boloco offers seasonal burritos as well. Since it’s the fall their current special is the ‘Late November Burrito’ which basically is your thanksgiving leftovers sandwich just wrapped up in a tortilla including house-roasted turkey, home-made stuffing, green beans, a tangy cranberry chutney, and served with a side of gravy. noms

My Teriyaki Burrito with Tofu, Cucumbers & Hot Sauce

While I enjoy lunch there my favorite time to go is in the morning for a smoothie or a breakfast burrito. It’s started to get too cold for me to enjoy my favorite Berry Blitz smoothie so I’ll occasionally treat myself to a burrito instead. My favorite is the Huevos Chorizo with its eggs, cheese, chorizo, and chipotle sour cream. Price’s favorite is the Truck Stop (eggs, cheese, bacon, and potatoes) with salsa.. Be sure to stop by before 11am to try one of their 5 options.


I do caution you to check out their nutrition facts as burritos can be sneaky caloric bombs. It’s just the way things are with burritos as flour tortillas are jerks with over 230 calories.  I don’t even want to think about If you are watching your waist then I suggest sticking with the small burrito, which really isn’t too small, or a mini. Or you can just switch it up and go with a burrito bowl as you eliminate the tortilla.

Be sure to visit one of the 22 locations in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and DC to enjoy a burrito and smoothie!

Check out this cool video about Boloco’s past 15 years. Awesome illustrations!


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