Monday Munchies: Pedro’s Tacos- Boston MA

As part of my Monday Munchies series, I will feature a different eatery for a review on the first and third Monday of every month. Hope you enjoy!


pedro's tacos

When my coworker told me that he had just been to a new taco place just a few blocks from work I knew that I had to give it a try. He was telling me about Pedro’s Tacos. A Cali transplant that has brought tacos to downtown Boston.

pedro's tacos_menu_02 pedro's tacos_menu_01

I’ve really enjoyed everything that I have tried and I just love the menu is on a surfboard! You can get everything from nachos, tacos, burritos, and combo plates with rice and beans.

pedro's tacos_fish tacos

Their classic taco is the Fish Taco. For 3.49 you can’t beat a taco made with 2 corn tortillas  a fried fish fillet, fresh shredded cabbage, dressing, and salsa. I prefer the tacos without salsa but give it a try.

pedro's tacos_shrimp tacos

For just $1 more the Shrimp Taco is also a steal at $4.49. The tacos are packed with 5 or so shrimp

If you are looking for a vegetarian option then try the potato one, which is similar to the fish taco, but with a hash brown. It is basic but fun to load up with the different salsas that they have at their salsa bar. Verde is always a winner for me.

I also really enjoy the Lobster Tacos. Lobster at lunch any day of the week… love!!!

pedro's tacos_breakfast menu pedro's tacos_breakfast burrito

If you can’t make it to lunch and need a burrito fix as soon as possible then you should stop by. They open up at 7 so you have a whole 12 hours a day to visit Pedro’s slice of Cali here in Boston. Stop by for breakfast from 7-11 for some breakfast burritos.

I mean just look how big their breakfast burritos are!!

pedro's tacos_bean egg burrito

Oh, hello… this bean, egg and hash brown burrito set me back just a bit over $5 and it left me so full that I had a late lunch and very light dinner. Great start to the day. noms!

pedro's tacos_sign

So grab some cash or your cell to use LevelUp to get some tacos or burritos. Satisfy that craving!!

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Pedro’s Tacos

55 Bromfield Street

Boston, MA 02108

(617) 482-8822

M-F 7am-7pm


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