Stitch Fix- March

stitch fix_march_box

Have you heard of Stitch Fix?

It’s a personalized styling service. You tell the stylists about what you like to wear and all your sizing info and they send you 5 items in every shipment. You get to try on the items in the box at your own pace and get to pair them with elements already in your wardrobe. Keep what you like and just send the rest back in prepaid envelopes. Super simple.

I learned about Stitch Fix from a post from the incredible talented scrapbooker (and mom to 4 adorable girls) Stephanie Howell. It looked like so much fun so I signed up. I had a bit of a wait time as it’s invite only at this point, similar to when Pinterest first started. Just be patient and you’ll get through quick enough.

My first Stitch Fix arrived last Friday so I had all last weekend to try on the stuff. It was a fun process because I got to do it when I was ready and look through my wardrobe to figure out what I could pair things with.

So here we go… don’t mind the super embarrassing pictures…

stitch fix_March_blue blazer_01 stitch fix_March_blue blazer_02

Item 1… Luii- Macey 3/4 Cleeve Jersey Blazer $78

stitch fix_March_blue blazer_03

I loved this item right when I saw it. I don’t have any blazers so I was really excited to open up the package and see this right on top. It fit well and I knew that I could wear it with several different outfits because of the style and the color. It could be great for work or great for a casual night out. So I decided to keep it. Totally love it.

stitch fix_March_black crossfront top_01

Item 2… Colourworks- Rose Jersey Crossfront Top $58

stitch fix_March_black crossfront top_02

It’s a shame that the photo doesn’t really show the detail of this top. It has a V-neck that doesn’t go too low but from there the front drapes down with extra fabric. It’s flattering and I like that it doesn’t actually scoop down very low. I decided to keep this and I’ve already worn it twice. I even paired it with the blazer one day.

stitch fix_March_wrap dress_01

Item 3… 41 Hawthorn- Calafia Jersey Wrap Dress $58

stitch fix_March_wrap dress_02

Well… OBVIOUSLY I will have to wear a tank under this. I basically knew that prior to putting it on but I tried it this way just for shits and giggles. These DD ladies don’t work well with a lot of things because they just get in the way. Seriously. So with all wrap dresses I wear a tank underneath so I don’t show my bra and boobs off. Kinda important. Aside from that I loved this dress. I loved the color and the fit so I decided to keep it.

stitch fix_March_patterned tunic_01

Item 4… 41Hawthorn- Layra 3/4 Sleeve Jersey Tunic Dress $58

stitch fix_March_patterned tunic_02

I could tell even before I put it on that it would not work out. I didn’t like the pattern nor the material. I put it on anyway and ugh. Way too small in the boob area. The ladies just stretched out the front and that was not gonna work. Plus I didn’t like the length so it was getting sent back.

stitch fix_March_popover blouse_01

Item 5… Angie- Filbert Elbow Sleep Popover Top $58

stitch fix_March_popover blouse_02

I had doubts when I saw this in the box because of the buttons. I generally have issues with button-downs so I figured this would be really iffy. Plus I didn’t love the color since I spill a lot. There is also a detail at the elbow that I didn’t like that much because it make it puffy there. All of my doubts were confirmed when I put it on… pass.


So I decided to get the first 3 items listed above. I logged into the Stitch Fix site to give my feedback on every time and then I sent back the 2 other items in the postage paid priority envelope. Simple and done! I have already worn everything and I love them. No regrets.

I can’t wait for the next box to arrive mid April. I gave pretty thorough feedback on every item and overall comments to help them figure out what to put into my next Stitch Fix box. I discussed colors, patterns, material, and pricing. I commented on how I really would like to avoid getting so much jersey knit things in 1 box as 4 out of 5 items were jersey. Also, emphasized the boob situation and how I really hope not to get any button downs. But overall I was really happy with the first Stitch Fix box I got.

So if this sounds like a fun way to try on some clothes then sign up, fill out some surveys, and then you are on your way to scheduling your first Stitch Fix box right to your door. My referral code is 3059041. Pretty, pretty please use it if you sign up. Thanks 🙂

Have fun!


8 thoughts on “Stitch Fix- March

    • iamahoneybee says:

      you tell them how much you want to spend on each thing. you give a range for tops, pants, dresses, accessories. and you tell them how often you want the boxes to arrive as well.


  1. Jo Anna says:

    I have that black shirt too!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it the second I slipped it on!! I passed on everything the first time I got my fix, convinced I could find it cheaper.. and I couldn’t .. So I emailed them to see if I could get a shirt Iloved in the first fix!! Ilove this idea and am so excited to get mail!!!!


    • iamahoneybee says:

      I did find the red dress I had in my latest Stitch Fix online for less but then I’d have to get shipping & wait so I just kept the one I had in hand. No big difference.

      I love getting these packages. My next one is in like 10 days! ha


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