4.12-14: Weekend Recap

{Friday night} cab ride home from South Station | Chris arrives | hang out | guys get food- Taco Bell | hang out more | bed

{Saturday} up early | go to Market Basket | make breakfast sandwiches for the 3 of us | hanging out| guys get rental truck and shed | errands: stop and shop and CVS | nap | make late lunch/early dinner – steak, baked potatoes, grilled veggies, beans | guys finish shed | guys get ready & go to

{Sunday} sleep in ’till 8am | get ready | monster breakfast sandwiches with leftover potatoes and steak | talk to mom | Chris leaves | photo edits and blog post | errands- sweet meadow farm, Kohl’s, Old Navy, Container Store | purge and reorganize bags | dinner | project life | DVR’d Sunday morning | blogging | bed by 10

new shed_01 new shed_02


tired kemper cuddle kemper

  grumpy kemper

baby chicks_01 baby chicks_02 sweet meadow farms_horse_01 sweet meadow farms_horse_02 salon effects french

 butternut squash rav


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