5.3-5: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} leave work at 4.30 with Kemps and Price | drive drive drive to Skaneateles | mcD’s for dinner | sleeping in the car | arrive before 11pm | watch news | bed

{Saturday} up early with Kemps | back to bed | Kinney Drug for forgotten things | Skaneateles Bakery for for breakfast | big news | lunch with Chase and Heather & the kids | I took a nap | Derby BBQ | win!!! | failed ice cream attempt | lounging around |  NASCAR nationwide race | bed

{Sunday} Price was up early and I slept in | Price cutting seats for chairs | watch food network shows | get ready | Kenzie’s Christening | pack up | BBQ lunch | leave for home | Prices drives, I sleep | puppy pee break and 1/2 price frappes | I drive, Price sleeps | get home | NASCAR race | cleaning | bed


kemper sleeping_01 kemper sleeping_02


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