Stitch Fix- May

YAY!! Another Stitch Fix shipment!

I ripped open the box at work and went through all the goodies with my coworker. She had a kick out of me trying to figure out how one of the shirts goes on. It was a duh moment. But we went through it all there so I couldn’t want to try everything on when I was at home.

This time I had Price’s assistance in taking photos and live feedback. So here goes…

Majorie Baer- Singular Spear Earrings- $38

Sitich Fix- Majorie Baer- Singular Spear Earrings

Love these. I love hammered jewelry. It reminds me of a punch of pieces I saw back in Greece when I was there a few years back and makes regret not just splurging for them. So it was pretty obvious that once I saw them I decide to keep them.

Ella Moss- Ken Sleeveless Striped Top- $68

Stitch Fix-Ella Moss- Ken Sleeveless Striped Top

nope. nope. nope.

Which is why it is not photographed on me. I didn’t like the fit, the material, or the basic structure of the top. I liked the colors and the angle of the stripes though.

Plus, it was way too expensive for what it was. It reminded me of a shirt I would find in Forever 21 for $16 or so. So when I found it’s twin online I almost peed my pants laughing since that was listed for $118. So good job Stitch Fix for selling it for $68 but even then- no.

Honey Punch- Catie Printed Dress- $48

 Stitch Fix- Honey Punch- Catie Printed Dress

I liked this dress. Price did not. Well, he wasn’t sold on the pattern since I don’t typically wear things like this but I liked the length (with leggings), the fit, and the neckline. I like cross front/wrap dresses so for a while I was thinking I’d keep it. I’d prob add a belt to it and love it more.

Matty M- Baxter Keyhole Peasant Blouse- $88

Stitch Fix- Matty M- Baxter Keyhole Peasant Blouse

I liked this. Price liked this too. I was saying I would keep it until I pulled up the invoice again and saw it was $88. I think that if fall, winter were approaching I would have kept it since I liked the color, fit, material, texture but I think I wouldn’t put it to good use this spring, summer.

(Ignore the hanger straps showing- whoops)

Black Sheep- Miley Floral Pleated Tie-Waist Dress – $58

Stitch Fix-Black Sheep- Mily Floral Pleasted Tie-Waist Dress

I wan’t sold on the pattern of this dress when I took it out of the box. But I’m learning not to judge a book by it’s cover. At least in this case.

I liked the length and how flowy it was so it grew on me. I liked that it came with a layering cami since it is a bit low cut (dang these boobs!) so that was a plus. I’m still not sold on the pattern but I figure once I’m tan (oh summer, I miss you) I’ll like it more.


So what does all that mean?

I decided to keep the earrings and floral dress.

The grand total: $38 + $58 – $20 (prepaid styling fee)= $76. 🙂

I scheduled my next fix for June 13th. Can’t wait for it!


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So if this process sounds like a fun way to try on some clothes then sign up for the wait list, fill out some surveys, and then you are on your way to scheduling your first Stitch Fix box right to your door. My referral code is 3059041. Pretty, pretty please use it if you sign up. Thanks :-)

Have fun!


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