6.28-30: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} left work early – headache & tiredness | nap with Kemperpup  | Price gets home | Price and Kemper go for Poker Night at Chris’ | lounge for hours watching mindless tv | bed

{Saturday} up early with Kemper | back to bed | sleep in ’till 9.30 | cleaning the house | errands together- Petsmart, Babies R Us, Michael’s, Stop and Shop | lunch- hot dogs and chips | more cleaning | talk to my mom | Price picks his dad up at the airport | catch up and get settled in | grill steak, veggies, and corn for dinner | relax | bed

{Sunday} up early | Price and Tom get McDonald’s | lounging around | Price and Tom go to Target | go back to bed | get ready | go to Home Depot | gardening out front | lunch- hot dogs, corn, horiatiki salad | relaxing and puppy cuddle time while watching the NASCAR race | nap | dinner-KFC | Price played frisbee with Kemper out back | bed

hot dog lunch

4th of july wreath

18 week baby bump

horiatiki salad

kemper tongue watermelon dessert

price and kemper dan brown inferno


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