3.13-15: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

home | Autumn has dinner & bath| Price gets home | Autumn to bed | Date night! @ Floramo’s | Trader Joe’s | home | bed

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up at 6.15 | breakfast | kitchen clean up | Autumn naps | get ready | Kris arrives | dress shopping with Kris at David’s Bridal | lunch at Border Cafe | home | Autumn to bed | Kris goes back to CT | leftovers for dinner | OITNB | blogging | bed

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up at 6.30 | take Kemper to Peter’s Park (dog park) | Jaho for Coffe and Tea | Flour Bakery for breakfast sandwiches | Price goes to Pet Smart & CVS | Autumn won’t nap | make Meyer Lemon Pudding Cake with Autumn | Autumn has lunch | Price goes back to Pet Smart & CVS for returns/ exchanges | Autumn naps | Best Buy for a new laptop | Stop & Shop | Fancy Nails for new shellac | Autumn has dinner & bath | Price puts Autumn down while I make our catfish Blue Apron Dinner | blogging | work | bed

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12.5-7: Weekend Recap


  home from work | Autumn dinner & bath | Price gets home | dishes | Autumn to bed | make dinner- soup | pumping | blogging & write yelp reviews | Grimm | bed @ 10.45

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141208_weekend recap-3


get u at 7 | laundry and house stuff | breakfast- eggs and hashbrowns | Autumn takes her morning nap | get ready Knoll Christmas photo shoot | printing Save the Date labels | home | Autumn naps | DVR’d shows and playing around at home | dinner | Autumn gets bath & goes to bed | work while watching Sex Tape | bed just after 10pm

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up at 5.35 | breakfast- random leftovers | get ready | Sweet Meadow Farm for bunny hay | Target | back home | lunch- zoodles & chicken sausage with pesto |Price ran errands while Autumn napped | make dinner: roasted pork tenderloin with fennel, Brussels sprouts | salt ornaments | Autumn goes to bed | make cookies | work | bed

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141208_weekend recap-13 141208_weekend recap-14

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5.16-18: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

made homemade pizza for dinner | hang up mobilein Autumn’s room | watch season finale of Grimm | laundry & cleaning | bed

140519_weekend recap_01


Price made breakast- eggs, hashbrowns, bacon | Boch Toyota to lease our new car | home to pump | lunch at Not Your Average Joe’s | watched the Belmont Steaks |

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140519_weekend recap_04

140519_weekend recap_05

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Price made breakfast- cresents with jam | took nap with Autumn | Price cleaned the kitchen | shopping at Market Street in Lynnfield | Wagamama for lunch | Price went to Home Depot | pizza for dinner | gave Autumn a bath | Price gave Kemper a bath | work, blogging | made chicken taco filling for dinners this week | Mad Men | bed

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140519_weekend recap_13

2.6-9: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} Price beat us home from our mom’s group visit | Popeye’s for dinner | Olympic opening night | bed

{Saturday} up early | go to vet appointment for Kemper at Banfield | Old Navy | Babies R Us | Target | get gas | home | fold clothes | lots and lots of laundry | Indian Take Out for dinner | watch some Olympics | bed

{Sunday} get up early | drop off diapers for Michael | dog park with Kemper | leftovers for lunch | lots and lots of cleaning | activate new Galaxy phones | watch ‘Cuse game | CVS for prescriptions | Price made chicken wings for dinner| get ready for going back to work | bed

10.25-27: Weekend Recap

{Friday night} home | Price tidied up the den and moved the rabbits from 2nd floor down to the basement | I made salad | tidying up the kitchen and living room while ‘watching’ Grey’s and Scandal | folding baby clothes | go to bed early

{Saturday} up at 4.35 with Kemper | back to bed | get out of bed at 7am | Starbucks for PSL’s | brought Kemper to the dog park | Haymarket for veggies | Mike’s Pastry for lobster tail | home | start cleaning for hours | grocery shopping | Price folding loads of clothes | prep for dinner | get ready | Cstherine and Ed come over for dinner | snack on cheese and crackers while chatting | dinner: chicken with shallot wine sauce, roasted lemony aparagus, sauteed mushrooms, and rice | dessert | Cath and Ed leave | lounge around while watching the Sox game | sleep | more Sox game | bed

{Sunday} slept in ’till 8 | breakfast : coffee, cheesy eggs, bacon, tots | watch Grimm | Home Depot to pick out and get paint | go to work at 12.30 | Price painted 2 walls of the baby’s room | home at 7.30 | watch DVR’d NASCAR race | dessert for dinner | blogging | watch Red Sox | bed

kemper face

 folding baby clothes halloween oreos