10.18-20: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} home early | Price gets home | Price goes to Kurland’s for poker night | leftovers for dinner | lounge around and fall asleep on sofa with Kemper | Price home at 11.30 | bed

{Saturday} sleep in until 8am | breakfast and shopping at Ikea | Target | drop off Sizzix stuff to Jamie | late lunch/early dinner at Not Your Average Joe’s | Petco for Kemper meds and toys | home | unpacked the car | lounge around & clean up | Price watched Red Sox game | I went to bed at 10 | Price went to bed after the game

{Sunday} I got up early & went to Trader Joe’s | make jumbo strawberry chocolate chunk muffins | get ready | walk 3.5 miles and picnic on The Esplanade | Price got 2 kinds of pumpkin beer | home to watch NASCAR race, lounge around, and nap | Price mowed the front yard | make butternut squash soup for dinner | baby clothes laundry | watched football | bed early

kemper tired

chocolate milk not your average joes bread

new shoes

kemper and price picnic

butternut squash soup

kemper sleeping


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