11.1-3: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} left work early = home early | watch DVR’d Grey’s and Scandal | Price gets home | dinner: Blue Apron’s Filipino Steak Stir Fry | Price painted The Bean’s room | cleaning and laundry | watched Grimm | bed early

{Saturday} up early | McDonald’s | go to my office to get car seat and pumpkins | Dexter Dog Park in Brookline | take the car Paul’s Foreign Auto Works to have check engine light looked at | talk to my Brother | home | watch Red Sox parade | Price has leftover stir fry for lunch | Price goes to Home Depot | make Trader Joe’s lobster ravioli for lunch | Price finished painting the nursery | laundry | nap with Kemper | make dinner: kale and chick pea soup with ditalini pasta in a tomato broth | Price mowed the lawn | relax & lounge around | bath | bed

{Sunday- Day light savings time!} up early | Price makes coffee | watch SNL | Tito’s Bakery for breakfast | Peter’s Park dog park | back home | assembled crib | work on decorating the nursery | lunch: leftover soup and grilled cheese | Price put car seat base in car | grocery store | Price put door sweep on front door | made peanut butter banana bread | made dinner: Blue Apron’s Seared Flounder with Green Beans and Millet | unload & reload dishes | make apple pie together | work emails & blogging while Price watches TV and plays with Kemper | bed


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